Notorious Delhi Gangster Deepak ‘Boxer’ arrested in Mexico

Deepak ‘Boxer’ Pahal, one of Delhi’s most wanted gangsters, has been arrested in Mexico. He will be extradited to India.

Boxer' arrested in Mexico f

It is reported that he fled India using a fake passport.

One of Delhi’s most wanted gangsters, Deepak ‘Boxer’ Pahal, has been arrested in Mexico following a joint operation by Delhi Police’s Special Cell and the FBI.

This is the first time that the Delhi Police have caught a gangster outside India.

A senior police officer said: “We arrested him on Monday. He had fled the country and went to the US. He was then in Mexico.

“With the help of the FBI, he was traced and arrested.”

Pahal will be extradited to India later in the week.

It is reported that he fled India using a fake passport.

He is wanted for his involvement in the murder of Amit Gupta, a realtor who was shot dead in August 2022.

Pahal claimed that Mr Gupta was associated with the rival Tillu Tajpuria gang as a financier.

Pahal became the head of the Gogi gang after Jitender Gogi was killed in Rohini Court in 2021.

Rival gang members Gogi and Sunil Maan were scheduled to appear before Special Judge Gagandeep Singh.

But when Gogi appeared in court, two young men entered the courtroom dressed as lawyers.

They then opened fire at Gogi.

Police fired at the men – identified as Rahul and Moris – and killed them.

Gogi was rushed to hospital, however, he died on the way.

Delhi Police said Gogi was in a bitter battle with Maan over control of regions in northern India. Police established that Rahul and Moris were members of the Tillu gang.

Deepak Pahal first attracted police attention when he helped Gogi flee police custody in 2016.

At that time Gogi was in the custody of Delhi Police in Bahadurgarh. In 2018, the Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MACOCA) was imposed on him.

Pahal has a history of crime and is involved in several murder, robbery and extortion cases.

A police officer explained:

“But he kept on committing crimes. He committed two murders in between. He also attacked a police team.”

“In 2021 he attacked police in the GTB Hospital and helped Kuldeep Mann alias Fazza flee police custody.”

It is reported that Pahal and his associates attacked officers by throwing chilli powder at them.

Mann was later killed in a police encounter in West Delhi.

Originally from Haryana’s Gannur, Pahal gained the ‘boxer’ nickname because he used to be a boxer, competing in state and national championships.

Prior to his arrest in Mexico, there was a Rs. 3 Lakh (£2,900 reward for information that would lead to his capture.

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