Pakistani Prostitution Gang using False Marriages busted

A gang operating in Islamabad has been busted for coaxing girls into prostitution using drugs and false marriage certificates.

Pakistani Prostitution Gang using False Marriages busted f

"Rauf deceives young girls into jobs in various cities"

A gang in Islamabad, Pakistan, responsible for running a prostitution racket using false marriage certificates and drugs has been busted by police.

The arrests happened after Shalimar police station officers were tipped off by a female lawyer who told them that a man was tormenting a woman in the luxurious Golden Heights apartments in Sector F-11, deemed the ‘posh’ area of the capital.

upon arrival, police were met by Sheikh Abdul Rauf, who is from Karachi.

He admitted to domestically abusing and physically assaulting his wife, Mary, aged 25, after they had a major argument.

However, this case was to unveil a lot more than a domestic violence incident after the pair were taken to the police station for statements.

Upon interviewing Mary, told officers she was not Rauf’s wife and that he had made a false marriage certificate to show them as married.

In addition, Rauf who is from Lahore, had done the same with a number of women and created false marriage certificates for them too and was trafficking the women into prostitution.

Rauf was the head of a prostitution gang in Islamabad who were trapping women by marrying them, introducing them to crystal meth (known as ‘ice’), getting them addicted and then forcing them into prostitution in the city.

Mary told police:

“Rauf deceives young girls into jobs in various cities, marries them and get them addicted to ice.”

Mary told police that once addicted to the drug, the women were prepared to do anything for him including becoming sex workers, saying:

“After taking the drug, you can’t feel anything anymore, all you want is the next fix.”

She said that Rauf was behind setting up the clients for the women he created false marriage certificates for.

Mary told police that the gang was powerful and organised bringing young girls from different cities in Pakistan to Islamabad on the promise of giving them lucrative jobs and marriage.

However, once they arrived, they were being sedated with drugs and forced into prostitution like her. The women were scared of being found if they tried to flee.

In addition to Mary’s revelation about Rauf, police linked the gang threatening to kill an illegitimate child who was born at a private clinic to one of the women near Khanna police station.

Police officer ASI Ahsan Ullah, who raided the private clinic found Mary’s sister undergoing treatment.

Rauf and other gang members are in now custody as the case continues.

Nazhat is an ambitious 'Desi' woman with interests in news and lifestyle. As a writer with a determined journalistic flair, she firmly believes in the motto "an investment in knowledge pays the best interest," by Benjamin Franklin.

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