Humayun Saeed & Saboor Aly draw Flak for Kiss

At an event, Humayun Saeed greeted Saboor Aly with a hug and a kiss. However, the interaction drew criticism.

Humayun Saeed & Saboor Aly draw Flak for Kiss f

“I question the appropriateness of such displays of affection"

Humayun Saeed and Saboor Aly have faced backlash for their hug and kiss at an event.

During the screening of Yasir Hussain’s stage play Jaan E Jaan, Saboor greeted Humayun.

The pair hugged before Humayun planted a kiss on Saboor’s cheek.

Saboor was wearing a tight tank top and jeans while Humayun was dressed in a dark shirt.

The short clip quickly went viral, with many criticising Humayun Saeed and Saboor Aly for their seemingly inappropriate closeness in a public setting.

Some expressed disapproval towards the actors’ greeting, considering their marital status.

A user remarked: “The fact that both of them are ‘happily married’ to their respective spouses, and they still do things like this is unhinged.”

Some have gone as far as to question the grace and integrity of the actors, labelling them as “so-called celebrities”.

Furthermore, there is discontent towards Saboor Aly’s husband, actor Ali Ansari, for not addressing the situation.

Individuals felt that the couple’s behaviour reflected poorly on their reputation as public figures.

Humayun Saeed’s fans, in particular, have expressed disappointment and held him accountable in the comments section.

One said: “I question the appropriateness of such displays of affection between married individuals, especially in a public and professional setting.”

A user noted: “This has happened before as well. Humayun Saeed kissed Saboor on her birthday once too.”

One asked: “I don’t understand where the concept of boundaries and limits has gone. There is no shame in their behaviour whatsoever.”

Another commented: “Her husband is just standing there like an idiot while another man strips him of his respect.”

One wrote: “Shame on you Ali Ansari for allowing this. And shame on Humayun for such behaviour. Just because he is a big star does not exempt him from everything.”

Another said: “I can’t believe how normal all this has become in Pakistan.”

One stated:

“This is unacceptable. Saboor is becoming more vulgar day by day.”

Others defended the greeting, with some saying Humayun sees Saboor as a daughter.

“I think he sees her as a daughter as he launched her sister and have a close relationship.”

Another believed it was an attempt to copy Indian celebrities but stated that the public should not judge if Saboor’s husband has no problem.

The user wrote: “Actually, they are trying unsuccessfully to copy Indian showbiz.

“But I wonder what is the problem with all these people, this woman’s husband is standing next to her watching all this film.

“If there is no objection to him, then who are we to object?”


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