Indian Woman kills Lover’s Wife and her Daughter aged 7

An Indian woman from Amritsar committed a double murder. She killed her lover’s wife before murdering the victim’s seven-year-old daughter.

Indian Woman kills Lover's Wife and her Daughter aged 7 f

She then cried for help but it led to Rani killing her

An Indian woman from Amritsar has been arrested for murdering her lover’s wife before killing the victim’s daughter, aged seven.

The suspect has been identified as Kamlesh Rani. Police officers explained that Rani committed the double murder with a knife before dumping their bodies in a nearby pond.

It was revealed that Rani was also married and had three sons. The incident happened on the night of Tuesday, September 17, 2019, in the Preet Nagar area of Amritsar.

Police officers explained that Rani had been having an affair with Dev Anand Roy, an Indo-Tibetan Border Police officer who was posted in Patiala.

However, the man’s wife eventually found out about the relationship. This led to an argument between Rani and her lover’s wife Suman as she was against their affair.

Suman’s constant objections towards their illicit relationship irritated Rani to a point that she planned to kill her.

On the night of September 17, 2019, Rani entered her lover’s house and went into Suman’s room. The Indian woman then stabbed her lover’s wife to death.

Suman’s seven-year-old daughter, who was sleeping nearby, woke up to find her mother dead and Rani with the knife.

She then cried for help but it led to Rani killing her in a bid to stop the screams from being heard.

The Indian woman then sought the help of a rickshaw driver who obliged and drove her with the two bodies to a pond where Rani dumped them.

The suspect then travelled to a railway station where she called her husband and explained to him what had happened.

After hearing what his wife told him, her husband informed officers at Mokhampura Police Station.

Ram Tirath explained to the police that his wife wanted to flee the city with him and their three sons. She had asked him to accompany her.

Amritsar Police Commissioner Sukhchain Singh Gill said that a case was registered, confirming that Kamlesh Rani was arrested.

Officers also recovered the bodies of the two victims.

Police are still investigating the case in order to find out more information on the double murder.

The police have not yet arrested the rickshaw driver who accompanied and helped Rani carry the bodies of Suman and her daughter to the pond.

Her lover Dev Anand Roy has not yet been questioned according to India Today.

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