Indian Man aged 92 kills Wife aged 90 over Pension Dispute

In a shocking incident, a 92-year-old Indian man violently killed his 90-year-old wife after they got into a dispute over their pension.

Indian Man aged 92 kills Wife aged 90 over Pension Dispute f

a rift developed between the husband and wife over the money.

Police have arrested a 92-year-old Indian man for murdering his wife following a dispute over pension.

The shocking incident happened in the village of Yalavarru in Guntur district in Andhra Pradesh on Monday, November 2, 2020.

Police discovered that the accused bludgeoned the 90-year-old victim to death with his walking stick. He struck her across the face and over the head several times with the stick, causing fatal injuries.

The man was identified as Mande Samuel while his wife was named Aprayamma.

They had gotten into an argument over sharing of the pension, which was valued at Rs. 2,250 (£23).

As per the rules set out by the Andhra Pradesh government, one senior member from each family is eligible to receive a pension of Rs. 2,250.

Aprayamma was the family member who was registered to receive the money on the first of every month. Samuel had claimed his share regularly.

However, according to police, a rift developed between the husband and wife over the money.

Officers explained that the couple had been living separately for around 10 years due to their differences, but they were not officially divorced.

Police Inspector Ramesh Babu explained that on the evening of November 1, 2020, Samuel went to Aprayamma’s house to take his share of the pension.

When she gave a portion of the money, it angered him and the estranged couple got into an argument. Samuel then left.

He returned at around 3 am on November 2 and bludgeoned her with his walking stick, killing her.

Later that day, he told his sons and grandchildren that he had killed Aprayamma. However, they thought he was joking, therefore, they did not believe him.

The matter came to light when neighbours discovered the victim lying in a pool of blood. The neighbours then alerted her sons.

The eldest son filed a complaint against his elderly father and police registered a case of murder.

Meanwhile, the victim’s body was sent to a government hospital in Tenali for a post-mortem.

Police arrested the Indian man and he was remanded to judicial custody.

Officers are continuing with the investigation to determine exactly what led Samuel to violently kill his wife.

It is believed that the rift developed because he wanted a larger share of the pension. Although police have not yet confirmed whether that was the case or not, they will know more once they gather more evidence.

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