Indian Mother tells Son-in-Law ‘Enough is Enough’ for Daughter

An Indian mother could not bear to see the way her son-in-law treated her daughter and eventually told him that “enough is enough”.

Indian Mother tells Son-in-Law 'Enough is Enough' for Daughter f

it is a place where daughters are not valued.

An Indian mother from Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh, told her son-in-law that enough was enough after constantly seeing him treating her daughter badly.

The woman was identified as Rambai. The incident occurred in the hospital after 25-year-old Ramkumari Ahirwar gave birth.

Ramkumari was having her third child after giving birth to two daughters. However, her husband Pramod Ahirwar kicked her and her daughters out of the house when she was four months pregnant.

He had assumed she was having another girl. When Pramod found out that his wife had given birth to a son, he went to the hospital.

Ramkumari refused to allow her husband to see and her mother told him that she can no longer bear seeing her daughter treated badly. Rambai, therefore, refused to let her daughter go back to his home.

At Chhatarpur Hospital, Ramkumari was in labour and later gave birth to a boy.

It was revealed that after Ramkumari and her daughters were thrown out of the house, they went to live with Rambai.

The incident happened during the late night of September 16, 2019, when the young woman was brought to the hospital. She gave birth the next morning.

As soon as Pramod heard that he had become a father to a son, he went to the hospital to pick up his wife and newborn son.

However, they soon had an argument which the Indian mother overheard.

During the row, Ramkumari explained that she did not want to go to in-laws and never wants to go back there as it is a place where daughters are not valued.

When Pramod requested that his two daughters go with him, they refused.

The two girls stated that their father regularly drank alcohol and would get drunk. They promised to stay with their mother.

Rambai said that her son-in-law regularly taunted and verbally abused her daughter which resulted in Ramkumari enduring it.

She added that his controlling behaviour towards his wife had been going on for seven years.

When Ramkumari revealed she was pregnant for the third time, she and her two daughters were told to leave the house by her husband saying that it would be another girl.

When news of arrived that the child was a boy, Pramod went to the hospital.

Rambai, unable to see her daughter being bullied any longer, told her son-in-law that she will never send her daughter and granddaughters back to his house.

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