Indian Mother chained Daughter up due to Drug Addiction

An Indian mother from Amritsar chained her own daughter up due to her drug addiction. The woman chained her daughter up in a bid to stop her taking drugs.

Indian Mother chained Daughter up due to Drug Addiction f

"When one of these girls saw my daughter depressed, she asked the reason."

An incident came to light in which an Indian mother from Amritsar, Punjab, chained up her drug-addicted daughter.

However, the 24-year-old woman managed to escape the house and went to the police station, chain still attached to her ankle. She complained that her mother harassed her and that she was no longer taking drugs.

The woman’s mother had earlier gone to the police station and stated that her daughter had run away with her drug-dealing lover.

The matter had reached government officials after finding out that the young woman had been chained up by her mother.

Reportedly, the mother explained that she chained her daughter up as a last resort. She said that if she did not then her daughter would run away and take drugs.

The government had arranged for the girl to visit a rehab centre. Doctors treated her every day.

However, while at home, the drug-addicted woman managed to escape the house.

As a result, her mother went to the police station and told officers that she had run away with a drug trafficker.

A short while later, the young woman told police officers that she did not run away with anyone but left home unhappy as her mother harassed her.

She claimed that she has recovered and is no longer taking drugs but is still being chained up.

The woman also told officers that no signs of drugs will be found in her body if a medical examination is conducted.

When speaking to the police, the Indian mother spoke about a girl from a wealthy background and also made sensational accusations against the police.

The woman revealed that a young woman living in Chandigarh had turned her daughter into a drug addict and alleged that the Chandigarh Police allowed drug dealing to go on.

The woman explained that her daughter worked at a beauty parlour in Chandigarh and earned a good salary.

She said that her daughter was against drugs but eventually went down that road after becoming stressed at work.

The mother said that many young women were working in beauty parlours and wealthy women used to go there.

The woman said: “When one of these girls saw my daughter depressed, she asked the reason. My daughter told her that work is too much and a problem.”

At this point, the rich woman gave her some drugs and said that the worries would end after taking it.

The Indian mother said the woman was also a drug addict. Many of the other workers at the beauty parlour were addicted to drugs.

After the woman’s daughter took the drugs, she eventually became addicted and started increasing the amount she took.

Police officers said that both complaints are under investigation.

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