Pakistani Wife Chained and Tortured by Husband is Rescued

A Pakistani wife has been subjected to brutal torture after her husband tied her up with chains and locked her up in a room.

Pakistani Wife Chained and Tortured by Husband is Rescued f

"My husband and in-laws used to tie me up and beat me."

Pakistani police rescued a woman in the city of Sahil, in Punjab, Pakistan, on Sunday, March 24, 32019, after she was allegedly chained and tortured by her husband for weeks.

According to police reports, they say that the husband is suspected of keeping his wife locked up for around 20 days at their home in the Sheeran Wali Gali neighbourhood of Sahiwal.

The husband had tied her up in chains and tortured her daily suspecting that she was ‘possessed’, say police.

Residents from the neighbourhood alerted police about what was happening to the woman and a police team from Ghalla Mandi police station arrived at the home to rescue the woman from her inhumane ordeal.

The woman is seen sitting on the floor in handcuffs and shackles on her feet in television footage. The chain is connected to a wall, therefore, not allowing the woman to leave the confined space.

The woman revealed to police after she was rescued that it was not just her husband but her in-laws were also involved in subjecting her to this horrific treatment, saying:

“My husband and in-laws used to tie me up and beat me.”

Police say in their initial report that the man regularly brutally beat his wife after chaining her up “on the pretext of her being possessed by demons.”

As further punishment, the husband also then took their two children away from her.

This included her younger child, a baby who was still breastfeeding.

Initially, police thought that the woman was suffering from mental health issues and that she had previously tried to commit suicide. However, the woman rejected this completely and refuted the claims.

After her rescue, police immediately arrested her husband and charged him under the Pakistan Penal Code section 342 ((punishment for wrongful confinement), the same evening.

The suspect’s brother was also arrested in connection with the case.

For her safety, the woman was remanded in police custody, away from her in-laws.

The investigating officer, Afzal Gill told media that the woman will be presented to a magistrate in court to evaluate if she needs mental healthcare and support.

Her children have been left with her husband’s family until her condition is reviewed.

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