Indian Wife Tortured and left on Railway Tracks to Die for Dowry

In a horrific case, an Indian wife was tortured for dowry and left to die on a railway track. The incident took place in Bihar’s Gopalganj district.

Indian Man jailed for killing Wife with Hammer over Dowry f

Some of her fingernails were damaged while others had been pulled out.

A 22-year-old Indian wife from Bihar was tortured by her husband and in-laws for failing to fulfil their demands for dowry. She was then left to die on railway tracks.

The young woman was beaten by her husband for dowry. It was heard he demanded a sum of money and she did not give it to him.

His family joined in the assault and used hot iron rods to torture her.

She then had her fingernails ripped off and her hair pulled out by her husband and in-laws.

The woman later lost consciousness. At that point, the family dumped her on a set of railway tracks in the Gopalganj district of Bihar and left her to die.

After gaining consciousness, the victim went to look for help nearby. Passers-by helped the woman and she was rushed to a hospital in a critical condition.

According to doctors, the woman suffered several serious injuries all over her body.

Some of her fingernails were damaged while others had been pulled out. The woman also suffered burns to several parts of her body.

The woman filed a police statement where she said that her husband demanded Rs. 2 Lakh (£2,200) and a bike as dowry.

He had been pressuring his wife to give him the dowry for a while.

When she did not give him the money, he and his family began to torture the woman for it.

A case has been registered and police officers are searching for the suspects after they went on the run.

In another case, a 27-year-old woman from Kerala was starved to death by her husband and in-laws in an attempt to get more dowry.

The victim was found unconscious at her in-laws home and was taken to the hospital. She was declared dead when she arrived.

Her cause of death was pneumonia which came from a lack of nutrition and food. Doctors became suspicious about the death and informed the matter to the police.

It was revealed that the victim was only given soaked rice and sugar water for months. She was not allowed any other food and drink and this led to her weight plummetting to 20 kg when she died.

The victim’s parents alleged that their daughter was tortured for dowry. She reportedly suffered abuse and torture throughout her marriage.

The victim’s husband and mother-in-law were arrested.

Neighbours stated that they witnessed and heard the abuse taking place several times. They had allegedly filed 27 complaints but no one took any action.

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