Bangladeshi Woman Tortured & Set on Fire for Dowry

In a shocking incident, a Bangladeshi woman was allegedly tortured and set on fire by her husband for dowry.

Bangladeshi Woman Tortured & Set on Fire for Dowry f

she suffered 40% burn injuries to her body.

A Bangladeshi woman remains in hospital after she was allegedly tortured and set on fire by her husband for dowry.

The horrific incident happened in Rangunia Upazila in Chittagong.

The victim has been identified as Yasmin Akhter while her husband was named Mohammed Salimullah.

Officer-in-charge Mahbub Milky, of Rangunia Police Station, said that the couple have been married since 2012 and have a five-year-old son.

Since their marriage, Salimullah has been demanding dowry and torturing his wife for it.

On Thursday, November 26, 2020, the couple got into a row over dowry which enraged Salimullah. The next day, the husband doused his wife in petrol and set her on fire.

Police received information about the incident and turned up at the scene.

They managed to rescue the victim and transported her to Chittagong Medical College and Hospital.

While the Bangladeshi woman survived the attack, she was critically injured. At the hospital, doctors said she suffered 40% burn injuries to her body.

It was reported that when Yasmin was set alight, she tried to go outside in a bid to save herself, however, Salimullah prevented her from doing so.

According to Assistant Superintendent of Police Anwar Hossain, Salimullah made a phone call to his in-laws so that they could hear their daughter screaming.

Salimullah was arrested on November 27, 2020, when locals saw him trying to flee. They managed to apprehend him and handed him over to police.

Dowry is one of the most common causes of domestic violence within South Asian countries.

Many women are physically assaulted and even killed for dowry by their husband and in-laws.

In one case in India, a wife and her father were beaten to death by the in-laws over a dowry dispute.

Savitri Devi and her father Rakshpal Gupta had gone to her husband’s house in an attempt to resolve the ongoing dowry disagreement between the families.

As a result of the dowry issues, Savitri had left her husband’s house. According to the police, she has been staying with her parents since.

On May 18, 2019, the father and daughter went to the house to compromise.

However, things did not work out and they were allegedly attacked by Savitri’s in-laws and their family.

They were allegedly beaten with a hammer before both were strangled to death. Police said the incident occurred at around 2 am.

While three suspects were arrested, six others went on the run.

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