Indian Man promised Marriage but Raped Woman for 5 Years

An Indian man has been booked with committing repeated rape and blackmail against a woman teacher to whom he promised marriage.

Indian Man promised Marriage but Raped Woman for 5 Years f

"We have registered the FIR under rape charges"

Indian police have booked a man, aged 28, for raping a woman over a period of five years on the pretext of marriage between 2014 and 2019.

According to details released by Mumbai’s Vile Parle Police, the accused man met the 26-year-old woman, who is a teacher by profession, on Facebook in 2012, after which they became close friends.

A relationship developed between them and he promised he would marry her. But instead, the woman says he raped her in a hotel in Vile Parle.

The victim still stayed in the relationship assuming he will marry her. So, when she quizzed him as to when he would tell his parents about her, the accused always made excuses.

The woman then threatened the man that she was going to commit suicide in 2014, he then agreed to get engaged to her. The engagement took place only with a few friends present but the accused still did not tell his parents.

It began to transpire that the promises of marriage the accused made were false, and instead, the man repeatedly raped the woman.

The woman says she was also forced by the man to undergo two abortions during the ordeal, between 2014 and 2019.

First, in 2015, the woman says she fell pregnant and upon finding out, the accused made her go through an abortion

Then the second time when she was pregnant in 2017, the accused wanted her to have an abortion again.

However, when she refused the second time, the accused began to blackmail her with compromising and obscene videos he had recorded of her. So, in fear, she went through with it.

Right up to 2019, the man continued to lead the woman on still saying he would marry her but stated his elder sibling needed to get married first.

In addition, because the woman was of a different caste to him, he needed to get his family to approve of the marriage.

But during this period, under the premise of marriage, he continued to have a sexual relationship with her and met up with her at various hotels in Mumbai.

The victim felt she needed to act so in February 2019, she approached the parents of the accused. Instead of listening to what she had to say about their son, they abused and threatened her.

The woman said in her statement that the father of the accused man also locked her up in a room and only released her when she began to make lots of noise and shot.

Subsequently, the accused then physically assaulted her and told her he would never marry her.

As part of their investigation, Vile Parle police arrested the father of the accused on Sunday, March 24, 2019.

Senior police inspector, Laxman Chavan told the Hindustan Times:

“We have registered the FIR under rape charges and other IPC sections. One accused has been arrested. The main accused is wanted.”

Police investigations are underway to arrest the perpetrator accused.

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