Indian Mother promised Marriage but Abused Instead

An Indian woman with a daughter from Punjab has endured sexual and physical abuse from a man who promised her marriage and was living with her.

Indian Mother promised Marriage but Abused Instead f

During this time, Sanjay got the victim pregnant twice.

A 24-year-old Indian woman from Ludhiana, Punjab, a mother of a one-year-old daughter, suffered major physical and sexual abuse, waiting on the promise that her lover would marry her.

The woman had been in a three-year relationship with the man, called Sanjay, and they were living together.

The woman accuses the Sanjay of raping her, beating her violently and threatening behaviour towards her. A police case has been registered against him.

While promising he would marry her, Sanjay continued with the abhorrent abuse alleges the woman.

When Sanjay was no longer interested in her, he left her and his daughter helpless. But also, it came to light that Sanjay also married to another woman at the same time.

On February 9, 2018, Sanjay told her that he was attending his nephew’s wedding. But he did not return at all thereafter.

Then the mother decided to find out more about why and where Sanjay went.

She managed to discover that Sanjay had married another woman while he was promising her marriage but continued with the abuse and control over her.

When Sanjay found out that a police case was registered against him, he fled with his wife.

The man had been with both women for the three year period.

During this time, Sanjay got the victim pregnant twice.

She had given birth to a daughter who passed away the first time around. Then his second daughter was born on February 25, 2018.

The victim says that she kept on pleading him to marry her many times but he just kept on prolonging it and then started to beat her severely.

He told her not to talk to anyone and stopped her from seeing her parents or even talking to neighbours. Maintaining control to keep the affair a secret on the pretext of marriage.

In fear and for her safety she abided, however, on May 22, 2018, she went to see the police commissioner and demanded justice for what she had endured.

The ongoing investigation has taken over nine months and is being handled by the women’s crime unit.

They needed to verify the claims made by the victim, and now confirm that her statement is valid and are on the hunt for Sanjay.

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