Amna Malik details Trauma of 3 Consecutive Miscarriages

Amna Malik opened up about experiencing three consecutive miscarriages and spoke about the trauma of going through them.

Amna Malik details Trauma of 3 Consecutive Miscarriages f

"Those days were quite painful for me"

Amna Malik has recently opened up about the trauma of experiencing three consecutive miscarriages.

Amna appeared on Nadir Ali’s podcast in which she bravely spoke about the experiences of enduring the loss of her unborn children.

The actress explained: “When my eldest daughter was four years old I was expecting my second baby.

“I was seven months pregnant when I had my miscarriage.

“I won’t say that I didn’t have any stress, I was going through a lot of things, I was under a lot of pressure.

“One day I was doing the daily house chores and I didn’t know that the baby died inside my womb.

“When I went for an ultrasound the baby was dead and my doctor refused to operate on me.

“She advised a normal delivery for my child. Those days were quite painful for me, and the people who were visiting me were just regretting the loss of my child because he was a son.

“No one was thinking about me.”

Amna went on to reveal that other women blamed her for the miscarriages.

She continued: “The ladies were blaming me, they said, ‘she must be careless during her delivery etc’, it was a painful delivery.”

Amna Malik said that five months later, she got pregnant again only to have another miscarriage.

She suffered a third miscarriage shortly after.

Amna said: “After three miscarriages, I was blessed with a beautiful daughter and I was super happy to have my second daughter.

“People were still praying for the miraculous delivery of a son, but I was excited about the birth of my daughter.”

Amna Malik also admitted that during these difficult times, her husband was very supportive towards her.

She got married at a very young age and is happily married, living her life with her husband and two daughters.

Amna began her career in the entertainment industry as a live morning show host, before she turned to acting.

She has starred in many dramas such as Khaas, Laapata and Bebaak.

She received applause for her role in the drama serial Naqab Zun in which she played a therapist for a sexual assault victim.

Amna is currently seen in the show Mayi Ri, which is based on the topic of child marriages.

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