Indian Daughter seeks Help due to Mother’s Affairs with Men

In an act of desperation, an Indian daughter from Gujarat has sought help due to her mother’s illicit affairs with various men.

Family of Indian Girl aged 14 receives Her Obscene Photos f

the woman began having affairs with approximately four men.

An Indian daughter has desperately requested help due to her mother’s affairs with various men.

The matter came to light in the city of Anand, Gujarat.

Due to her mother’s illicit relationships, her daughter sought help from the Women’s Police Helpline.

As the unnamed girl explained what was going on, officers were shocked to hear about the revelations.

A team of officers soon arrived at the home and attempted to resolve the matter by talking to the mother and daughter.

The girl told officers that her father took his own life by hanging himself in 2008.

Since then, she has lived with her mother and brother.

Shortly after her father’s death, her mother began a relationship with another man, however, it soon ended.

Afterwards, the woman began having affairs with approximately four men.

The Indian daughter explained that during the night, different unknown men come to the house to see her mother.

Due to this, the girl became concerned.

The girl reportedly told her brother about their mother’s affairs but he did not believe her.

According to the girl, her brother beat her, furiously insisting that she was wrong.

The girl has also asked for help from many of her immediate relatives but they could not help.

She soon became fed up with her mother’s affairs and the daily visits from her different lovers.

As a result, she called the Women’s Police Helpline.

When the helpline team arrived at the house, they discussed the matter separately with the mother and daughter.

After the separate talks, the matter was reportedly resolved.

The unnamed woman’s affairs come after it was revealed that more married Indian women are having affairs.

Extramarital dating app Gleeden is an app developed by women, for women.

The study was commissioned by the app and it received responses from Indian women aged 30-60.

The survey’s findings showed that 64% of the surveyed women who have participated in extra-marital relationships did so due to an unfulfilling sex life with their married partners.

The findings also showed that 48% of the Indian women who had these affairs also have children.

Of the Indian women surveyed, 76% of those looking for love outside of marriage were educated.

As well as this, 72% of them were financially independent.

The survey followed another one in 2020, which concerned over 1,500 married Indians aged 25-50 from different parts of the country.

According to the results, 55% of the people surveyed admitted to having cheated on their partner.

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