African Woman arrested in Punjab for Supplying Heroin

An African woman originally from Tanzania was arrested in Punjab, India, for possessing heroin with intent to supply the drugs.

African Woman arrested in Punjab for Supplying Heroin f

Police suspected her of being in possession of drugs

An African woman identified as Rahema was arrested on Sunday, September 15, 2019, for supplying heroin.

Rahema, who is originally from Tanzania, East Africa but is living in Rajpura, Punjab, India, was found with two kilograms of the class A drug.

When she was arrested, officers from Kapurthala Police Station discovered that she was involved in a drug-smuggling operation.

It was revealed that she was going to travel from Punjab with the heroin and supply it in Delhi.

SSP Satinder Singh explained that Rahema was arrested after receiving information from SP Manpreet Singh Dhillon.

SSP Singh said that inspector Balwinder Pal Singh and other patrolling officers were checking vehicles when they saw the African woman getting out of a car.

She was carrying a suitcase. Rahema had got out of the vehicle and was walking towards a white car in which a young man was sitting inside.

Police suspected her of being in possession of drugs and arrested her before she made her way to the other car.

Meanwhile, the man quickly drove off. Officers identified the man as a resident of Latiwal village. The village is known for being a place where drug smuggling and taking is common.

After taking the woman to the police station, officers registered a case against her and the man.

Police officers found out that the woman had previously sold heroin in various cities within Punjab five times.

Rahema was remanded in custody where officers will continue to question her. They believe they will discover a lot more about the drug smuggling operation that she is involved in.

Supplying and smuggling drugs in India and Pakistan is an issue and it is something which is being increasingly committed by foreign nationals.

One high profile case involved model Tereza Hluskova from the Czech Republic.

She was jailed for eight years and eight months for attempting to smuggle heroin from Pakistan into Abu Dhabi.

Hluskova was caught with eight and a half kilograms of heroin in her suitcase but claimed that someone put the drugs there without her knowledge when she arrived in Pakistan for some modelling work.

Her facilitator, who was also arrested, had told the court that Hluskova worked with her brother’s friend to smuggle drugs from Pakistan to foreign countries.

The model denied the accusations. She said in her defence, that she was visiting Lahore for some modelling work and was unaware that someone put the drugs in her bag.

However, Additional Sessions Judge Shahzad Raza convicted Hluskova of drug smuggling and sentenced her to eight years and eight months in prison.

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