Indian Wedding Firm fined for Not Supplying a Groom

An Indian wedding firm based in Chandigarh has been fined for failing to provide a groom in time for an upcoming wedding.

Indian Wedding Firm fined for Not Supplying a Groom f

Wedding Wish Pvt Ltd had asked for Rs. 80,000 and the money was paid

In a bizarre case, an Indian wedding firm has been fined for allegedly not supplying a groom in time for a wedding.

The Chandigarh-based wedding company failed to find a groom in time despite taking a fee in advance from the family.

The district consumer forum ordered Wedding Wish Pvt Ltd to return the Rs. 80,000 (£920) fee to the family who lodged the complaint. Interest will also be added the longer it takes for the company to repay the family.

As well as the Rs. 80,000 repayment, the company has been told to pay a further Rs. 20,000 (£230) for providing an insufficient service.

Lawyer Ravi Inder explained on behalf of Gurmeet Kaur and her daughter Baldeep Dara that they were the ones who had lodged the complaint.

Zirakpur, Punjab resident Gurmeet had gone to the company in order to find a suitable match for her daughter.

Wedding Wish Pvt Ltd had asked for Rs. 80,000 and the money was paid on August 13, 2019.

Shortly after the money was paid, the company started sending Gurmeet and Baldeep pictures of potential matches. However, they did not provide addresses or phone numbers of the possible grooms.

The company has a system, which eliminates any profiles that have already been sent, but the complainants alleged that they were not provided with a system to save the profiles.

The family requested the company to set up meetings with potential grooms, but that did not happen.

This caused the family to become frustrated over the fact that a groom was not provided.

Therefore, they asked for a refund but the Indian wedding firm refused to pay back the money.

However, on Wednesday, September 25, 2019, Chandigarh State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission told the firm to pay back the fees with nine per cent interest.

The wedding company was also fined Rs. 10,000 (£115) for causing mental stress and inconvenience to the family and another Rs. 10,000 (£115) for the cost of legal action.

Wedding Wish Pvt Ltd is one of the most successful matrimonial services in India with branches in Delhi, Zirakpur and New York. Its headquarters are in Chandigarh.

The firm has won numerous awards including the 2014 ‘Best Matrimonial Service’ in Chandigarh, 2015 ‘Leading Matrimonial Service Provider’ in North India and the 2016 ‘Most Trusted Matrimonial Service Provider’ in the region.

Their policy is to be affordable and to ensure that people are 100% satisfied with the work they due during the process.

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