British Pakistani Woman arrested with £700k Heroin at Airport

Kausar Younes, a British Pakistani woman residing in Mirpur, was arrested at Islamabad Airport and found to be carrying 13 kilograms of heroin.

British Pakistani Woman arrested with 13kg Heroin at Airport f

The heroin had been concealed in leather bags in liquid form

A British Pakistani woman, Kausar Younes, residing in Mirpur, Pakistan, was arrested on Sunday, March 24, 2019, for attempting to smuggle heroin out of the country.

Younes, who is a British national, tried to transport £700,000 worth of the Class A drug, worth millions of Pakistani rupees, out of Pakistan and into Vienna, Austria.

In an intelligence-based operation, the Anti-Narcotics force became suspicious of Younes, who was at Islamabad International Airport.

She was carrying three bags which led to suspicion. It resulted in a thorough inspection of her luggage where officers found a large quantity of heroin.

She was arrested at the airport’s departure lounge after she was able to get herself and her luggage cleared from all checkpoints.

The heroin had been concealed in leather in liquid form and was seized by officials.

British Pakistani Woman arrested with 13kg Heroin at Airport

The quantity was found to be 13 kilograms. It was also revealed that the drugs were valued at Rs. 130 million (£700,000). It was heard that Younes intended to fly to Doha, Qatar and then travel to Vienna.

British Pakistani Woman arrested with 13kg Heroin at Airport 2

Younes was taken into custody and a case was registered against her.

In addition, two security officials and a porter were also arrested for allegedly helping the accused.

Foreign nationals smuggling drugs out of Pakistan has become very common.

In another case, a Czech citizen was jailed for over eight years after being found guilty of attempting to smuggle drugs out of the country.

Tereza Hluskova was arrested in 2018 for attempting to smuggle heroin from Pakistan into Abu Dhabi.

She claimed that she came to Pakistan to work as a model, but was unaware that someone put eight and a half kilograms of heroin into her suitcase.

Hluskova was arrested at the Allama Iqbal International Airport in Lahore when police found the drugs inside her luggage.

She told investigators: “They gave me something for luggage, three statues or something. They said it was gifts. I didn’t know there was something inside.”

Throughout her case, she denied the accusations. However, her facilitator, who was also arrested, said that Hluskova worked with her brother’s friend to smuggle drugs from Pakistan to foreign countries.

Hluskova was found guilty and broke down in court when she heard the Judge’s verdict. She was taken to a women’s prison by officers.

The model’s lawyer Sardar Asghar said that she will appeal the sentence. She was sentenced to eight years and eight months in prison and also fined £605.

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