Indian Daughter-in-law caught beating Mother-in-law aged 82

In a shocking incident, an Indian daughter-in-law from Haryana was caught on camera beating her 82-year-old mother-in-law.

Indian Daughter-in-law caught beating Mother-in-law aged 82 f

The woman then hits her on the head with an object

An Indian daughter-in-law has been arrested after she was caught on camera beating her 82-year-old mother-in-law.

It was initially believed that the shocking incident happened in Punjab, but it was later revealed to have taken place in Sonipat, Haryana.

The video went viral on social media and naturally, netizens were horrified and called for justice.

It was reported that the unnamed woman beat the elderly victim because she was unable to do household chores. The daughter-in-law worked as an Auxiliary nurse-midwife.

Despite being fully-abled, the woman forced the elderly woman to do the housework.

In the video, the elderly victim is barely able to stand on her own two feet as she is berated by her daughter-in-law. The woman then hits her on the head with an object before dragging her and continuing her attack.

Meanwhile, the grandchildren witnessed the abuse and filmed it.

The video was shared online and many influential figures reshared it. This resulted in the police launching an investigation and registering a case against the woman and her mother.

Watch the Video of the Indian daughter-in-law. Warning – Distressing Scenes

National Commission for Women’s Chief Rekha Sharma posted on Twitter:

“My office was informed by Dr. Ravinder, DSP. (City), Sonipat that FIR was lodged yesterday against the daughter in law now absconding but DSP has assured that she will be arrested today.

“The medical examination of the old lady was conducted and she is doing well.”

Officer Katar Singh explained that the woman worked as a nurse. He confirmed that the Indian daughter-in-law was arrested and also confessed to harassing and beating her mother-in-law.

Social media users were shocked by what they saw and gave their reactions.

One person stated that the police should regularly monitor the victim to ensure that she is not abused in the future.

“Since the newspaper report says Haryana Police has initiated action, I would also request that the police ensures that the old lady has a mobile to call the police when she needs help & they check up on her daily.

“The old lady is too vulnerable.”

Another person pointed out that if it were not for the video, the abuse would have continued. The user went on to say that many more continue to be abused.

“Admire the sensitivity and courage of the grandchildren of this old lady. But for the video, this torture would have continued.

“It is pathetic to see such cases of ill-treatment to the elderly. God knows how many more are suffering like this.”

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