Daughter-in-law evicts Mother-in-law after Husband’s Death

A shocking incident came to light in Jalandhar in which a daughter-in-law evicted her mother-in-law following the death of her husband.

Daughter-in-law evicts Mother-in-law after Husband's Death f

she was allegedly thrown out by her daughter-in-law.

A case emerged in Jalandhar, Punjab, in which a daughter-in-law allegedly threw her elderly mother-in-law out of her own home following the death of her husband.

Incidents of elderly parents and in-laws being evicted from their homes by relatives have become prominent in the Indian state of Punjab.

In this particular case, the elderly woman, identified as Lachhan Kaur, said that there is an ongoing court case between her and her daughter-in-law relating to the property.

However, her daughter-in-law evicted her. Lachhan revealed that her eldest son passed away while her daughter-in-law (his wife) is a teacher at a school.

Lachhan lived with her son and daughter-in-law in a small house in Jalandhar.

However, when he passed away, she was allegedly thrown out by her daughter-in-law.

The accused, Balwinder Kaur, said that she had the house built herself with the help of a loan she obtained from a bank in the city. She stated that she was responsible for paying the instalments.

According to Balwinder, her mother-in-law’s old home is under her name and that she was wrongly being accused of selling the old house and purchasing a new property.

Balwinder also denied evicting her mother-in-law from the property.

She stated that Lachhan had been living at the house since 2001 and has never thrown her mother-in-law out.

According to ASI Avtar Singh, there is an ongoing legal battle between Lachhan, her second son Joga Singh and Balwinder in relation to the property.

Joga and his mother had been living separately since 2018.

During the investigation, police heard that the mother-in-law was thrown out of the house by her daughter-in-law. Since then, she has been living with her son.

It was revealed that Lachhan has now taken the matter to court in 2020 despite allegedly being thrown out of the house in 2018.

She and her daughter-in-law have not spoken since.

In a separate case, a daughter-in-law brutally beat her mother-in-law as a form of revenge after the victim evicted her from the house.

The perpetrator was identified as Sandeep Kaur while the victim was named as Surjit Kaur.

After the attack, Surjit explained her ordeal to the police from her hospital bed.

She told officers that her son, Vikram Singh, got married to Sandeep, a resident of Khamanon, in 2008.

However, the marriage soon became unhappy as they started having regular arguments. Surjit alleged that Sandeep would usually instigate the rows over various matters.

When the rows became more heated, Surjit’s husband decided to evict the daughter-in-law from the house.

Sandeep returned to her maternal home but continued to stay married to Vikram. The in-laws also continued to provide food for Sandeep, delivering it to her house.

However, the eviction angered Sandeep and she decided to take extreme action on Friday, February 21, 2020.

Surjit was home alone when she was attacked. Sandeep entered the house and confronted her mother-in-law over the eviction.

She began verbally abusing Surjit before brutally beating her. Sandeep fled when Surjit began screaming.
After leaving the house, Surjit managed to make her way to the phone and call Vikram.

Vikram arrived at the house and took his mother to the hospital. Meanwhile, the police were also informed and later turned up at the hospital.

Surjit also told police that this was not the first time Sandeep attacked her. She said that her daughter-in-law beat her sometime in March 2017.

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