Indian Landlord evicts Nurse due to Fear of Coronavirus

An Indian landlord from Chhattisgarh evicted his tenant, who is a nurse, due to his fear of being infected with Coronavirus.

Indian Landlord evicts Nurse due to Fear of Coronavirus f

He refused to change his mind, citing the safety of his family.

The police were alerted to a case after an Indian landlord evicted his tenant fearing that he would get Coronavirus from her.

His fear stemmed from the fact that she was a nurse treating COVID-19 patients on a daily basis.

The incident took place in the city of Raipur, Chhattisgarh.

People in Raipur are scared after it was revealed that two people tested positive for COVID-19. This has led to medical staff facing problems as they are on the frontline, treating infected patients.

This was the case with the 23-year-old nurse. She had been renting a room at Pankaj Chandrakar’s house and had been living there for six months.

However, the pandemic has led to the young woman working tirelessly to help patients.

While most citizens have been told to remain in their homes during the lockdown, the nurse has to go out to work. This led to Pankaj fearing that she would become infected and that she would pass it on to his family.

Pankaj told his tenant not to go out to work, however, when she said that she had to, he told her to leave the house.

The nurse got upset and pleaded with the Indian landlord to let her stay. He refused to change his mind, citing the safety of his family.

The nurse contacted a colleague who then informed various administrations about the matter, including the district collector.

Administration workers arrived at the house and told Pankaj that it was necessary for the nurse to leave the house for work.

They revealed that another nurse in the city had been evicted for the same reason.

It was reported that a few days before Pankaj evicted the nurse, he and his family participated in the Janta Curfew and had praised the nurse for the work she had done during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Despite the administrators providing a detailed explanation to the landlord, Pankaj did not change his mind.

This left the nurse no choice but to leave the house. Fortunately, she was able to move into another house.

However, the dispute continues and the administrators have taken the matter seriously. They have told the police to look into the incident.

A cleaner from Amapara who also stayed at the property was told by Pankaj to evict the premises. Despite the request, the cleaner has not yet left.

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