Indian Mother brutally Beating Little Daughter filmed by Father

In what was a disturbing incident, an Indian mother was seen brutally beating her young daughter. The abuse was reportedly filmed by her father.

Indian Mother brutally Beating Little Daughter filmed by Father f

"mother inflicts severe beating on her daughter."

An Indian mother was captured on video brutally beating her young daughter. The girl’s father reportedly filmed the disturbing incident.

The video was shared on social media and has subsequently led to outrage, with many people demanding action against the cruel woman.

Despite clearly seeing the abuse take place, there have been different claims as to where it took place.

Columnist and author Tarek Fatah shared the video and said the incident took place in Pakistan.

According to another claim, the brutal child abuse happened in the town of Nagri, Chhattisgarh.

However, it was discovered that it took place in the city of Kathua in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K).

In the video, the woman can be seen grabbing her daughter before holding her by her hair and beating her with what appeared to be a slipper.

Meanwhile, the girl’s father is believed to have secretly filmed the incident.

Tarek Fatah shared the video on Twitter and wrote:

“Cruel Pakistani mother inflicts severe beating on her daughter. This is the fate of countless children in a practice seen as normative among most Punjabi families.”

The tweet received hundreds of responses, with many demanding immediate action against the Indian mother.

A person posted:

“My heart just aches watching this video. I have been waiting for this lady to stop but she just wouldn’t.”

Another user commented: “I hope the authorities arrest the mother and punish.”

While many people voiced their anger and sadness after watching the horrific footage, some slammed the person filming for not helping the girl, who is reportedly five years old.

One person wrote: “Poor little girl sir please don’t share these videos very disturbing don’t know how to react, we need to create awareness that this is not the way to deal with kids, in her case mother how can she do this.

“Also what these people did apart from filming this video, why did they not help the poor girl.”

After the video went viral, a complaint was subsequently filed by the Child Welfare Committee. Alt News reported that J&K Police have also taken notice of the incident and have arrested the parents.

Police official from Kathua police station, Mangal Singh stated:

“The father, who retired from the army a few months ago, recorded the video secretly from the bathroom. The couple had a dispute, following which the mother vented it out on the five-year-old.”

The matter continues to be investigated. While it has not been confirmed, police believe that a family dispute led to the shocking child abuse.

Watch the Video. Warning – Distressing Scenes

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