Little Indian Girl cheers Father during Graduation Ceremony

In a viral video, an Indian girl is heard saying “Congratulations, daddy” as her father gets on the stage to receive his university degree.

Little Indian Girl cheers Father during Graduation Ceremony - f

"My heart melted along with all the others present."

It is usually parents who cheer kids on at their graduation ceremony but in a viral video, the opposite is shown as an Indian girl cheers her dad when he steps up to get his degree.

The video, which was posted on Instagram by Aashish Nalawade, showed the father getting on to the stage to receive his university degree.

As he gets on the stage, his daughter Shivaee shouts: “Congratulations, daddy.”

In response, the whole auditorium bursts into laughter.

Nalawade beams at his daughter and sends her a flying kiss before saying: “I love you.”

To this, the Indian girl replies and says, “I love you, daddy”, as the crowd in the auditorium laughs again. Nalawade then proceeds to get his university degree.

While sharing the video of this special moment on Instagram, Nalawade wrote: “My graduation ceremony wouldn’t have got any better without my little princess.

“As her words echoed through the silent ceremony hall – ‘Congratulations Daddy!!! I Love You!’ My heart melted along with all the others present.

“Rather than the graduation award, I felt ‘Being a father to my daughter’ is the biggest accomplishment and achievement to me.”

He also added: “This was the cutest moment during my whole graduation ceremony that would stay alive in my heart forever.”

His video, which was posted on June 23, 2022, has so far gathered over 18 million likes.

Commenting on it, an Instagram user wrote: “This is so beautiful… I have this video on repeat.”


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Another one remarked: “Put simply, this video made my day.”

In a similarly adorable video, a Twitter user named Elena shared photos of a father-daughter duo.

She explained she witnessed a heart-warming moment in person while attending her brother’s graduation.

In a Tweet, she wrote: “Went to my brother’s graduation and saw a little girl taking pictures of her dad who had just graduated too.

“It was JUST them two. I was crying she was so proud of him.”

The little girl, aged about five or six, could be seen taking photos of her formally-dressed father, who held a bouquet and wore a graduation hat.

Netizens showered love on the post. One user wrote: “Education is more important than riches, and it has no age limit.

“It’s so thrilling to see an elderly making it a priority to pursue his academic goals.

“So happy for the man, what he did was exemplary not only to his daughter but to society at large cos knowledge is absolute power.”

Another wrote: “This is so wholesome and adorable.”

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