US Dad quizzes his Little Girl for Stealing Friends Jacket!

A lighthearted video has gone viral of a father from the United States questioning his little girl for stealing her friend’s jacket.

US Dad quizzes his Little Girl for Stealing Friends Jacket! f

The little girl adorably says: "Five monies."

A lovely interaction between a father and his little girl in America went viral and it was all thanks to a jacket.

The video shows a two-year-old girl named Mila being quizzed by her dad after she came back from school with a grey and pink jacket which did not belong to her.

In the video, Mila’s father can be seen calmly questioning after he saw the jacket in her backpack.

While the calm manner in which her father is asking her was noticed, it is Mila’s responses which internet users are finding hilarious.

Her father asked: “Where did you buy it from?”

Mila replied: “The jacket store.”

Mila’s father then asked: “How did you pay for it?”

The little girl adorably says: “Five monies.”

Her parents had found out that Mila had put the jacket in the side pocket of her backpack.

The toddler’s father asked if anyone else in her class had the same jacket before quietly telling her that they will have to give it back because it did not belong to her.

He then reassures Mila when she realises that they have to return the jacket.

He told her: “Its okay. Look at it, it’s too small anyway.”

Mila responded: “It’s not too small, it fits me.”

The lighthearted video was posted on Twitter by Mila’s aunt on October 30, 2019, and it went viral. More than 13 million people have seen the conversation between the father and his daughter.

Social media users have praised the father for his parenting skills and the way he dealt with the situation. Many others also loved Mila’s responses to the questions during the ‘interrogation’.

One person commented: “This is adorable and also extremely good parenting!

“I hope you take her to the jacket store, where she will definitely find her own jacket for five monies.”

Another person posted: “This is a human survival skill… and children have to be extra good at it.

“Perfectly normal development… hard lesson to learn, but makes us better in the long run which isn’t how it always goes.”

Mila’s aunt later shared some updates regarding the jacket. It belonged to a girl in Mila’s class.

She explained that Mila returned the jacket the next day and there were no problems. Mila’s aunt later highlighted the importance of speaking to children calmly.

She wrote: “For those asking Mila gave back the jacket to the girl in her class this morning with absolutely no fuss and the mom thought it was hilarious (I hope this shows that speaking to kids calmly and like they’re adults is important).”

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