Little Indian Girl shows Respect for Indian Soldier

A video winning hearts on the internet shows a little Indian girl touching the feet of an Indian army officer at a metro station.

Little Indian Girl shows Respect for Indian Soldier - f

Many traditions in India are changing.

A video of a little Indian girl touching the feet of a soldier has left netizens emotional.

The moment caught on camera has now gone viral across social media sites, prompting responses from many union ministers as well.

In an undated video doing rounds on the internet, four security personnel are seen standing on the platform when they are approached by the child.

Seeing the girl, as one of the men bends over to interact with the child, she bows down and quickly touches his feet to show respect.

Moved by the little girl’s gesture, the Indian soldier then is seen cupping her head gently, in adoration.

The video highlights many things.

The little girl’s incredible gesture at her age dramatically surprises the soldier, who was just greeting her initially as a mere little child.

This little girl highlights the importance shown to Indian soldiers and the armed forces in India.

Her mother and parents are instilling cultural Indian values which are standing the test of time but in some respects are fading due to western influences.

This kind of show of respect and regard for elders or people of significance or importance has been present for centuries.

It’s a value typically instilled in Indians from a young age by those parents who still believe in the rich tradition and culture of India.

Because greeting someone in the right way is always seen as a key life skill and this is one aspect of such traditional teachings.

It’s known as showing ‘satkar’ (respect and regard) by a person to the other person in question.

It is often, seen in older Bollywood and Punjabi films and reality, depending on which part of India you are in.

You see this kind of gesture usually in exchanges by younger people with parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts, teachers and other significant people.

In Punjabi, the phrase ‘Pehri penda’ said by a male or ‘Pehi pendi’ said by a girl is translated as “I touch your feet with respect”

It is often said by a person showing respect even if they do not do the complete gesture.

Many traditions in India are changing or losing their values due to western values becoming more accepted or adapted.

Many younger people see the original Indian values as old and archaic and are gradually distancing themselves away from them.

However, this value of respect shown by this little girl demonstrates that her parents still believe in the regard for people of significance and want her to grow up learning this.

Ravinder is a Journalism BA graduate. She has a strong passion for all things fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. She also likes to watch films, read books and travel.

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