Former Indian Soldier on the Run for Having Three Wives

Former CRPF soldier Ajit Madar has gone on the run for having three wives after his first wife filed a police complaint against him.

Former Indian Soldier on the run for Having Three Wives f

"I learnt about the second marriage of my husband."

Ajit Madar, aged 40, of Karnataka, India, has gone on the run in a bid to escape police arrest after committing bigamy.

Madar, who is a former Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) soldier, was found to have married three women after a case of harassment was registered against the man by his first wife when she approached the police.

His first wife Drakshayani filed the complaint at the Police Commissioner’s office and the Women’s Police Station in Belgaum against Madar, his family and his third wife, Jayashree Suryavanshi, who is involved in politics.

She demanded her husband to be punished for his illicit marriages.

It was heard that Suryavanshi had got to know Madar by helping him resolve his dispute with his other two wives. She soon fell in love with him and they married on December 31, 2018.

In her complaint, Drakshayani said that after her marriage to Madar in 2011, the couple had two daughters. During their marriage, Drakshayani claimed that there were no marital issues.

However, the former CRPF soldier began having an affair with Seema Chouhan, who was also married, from Kangrali town in Belgaum. They got married in 2017.

Madar had also taken Seema to Patna, Bihar, where he was posted when he was working as a soldier.

It was heard that Seema’s ex-husband had also lodged a complaint with the police, saying his wife had gone missing when she was actually in Patna with Madar. The two stayed together and later had a baby girl.

Drakshayani learnt of her husband’s marriage and complained to the CRPF Commandant which resulted in Madar being sent on leave.

Drakshayani said: “After I learnt about the second marriage of my husband, I had complained to the CRPF Commandant regarding his illicit affairs and marriage.

“Then my husband was sent on a 15-day leave by his officers, who warned him to get his family disputes resolved before joining duty.”

It was while Madar was on leave, he met Jayashree who was in the world of politics. Madar sought her help to resolve his marital disputes with his first two wives.

However, she fell in love with him and both of them decided to get married. According to Drakshayani’s complaint, their marriage was registered in secret.

After learning about her husband’s third wife and complaining to the police, Madar absconded in a bid to avoid police arrest.

Police are currently searching for Ajit Madar for committing bigamy.

In India, being married to several husbands or wives at the same time is illegal under Section 494 and 495 of the Indian Penal Code.

However, it is accepted in some rural areas of the country.

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