Holiday: A Soldier Is Never Off Duty ~ Review

Holiday sees Akshay Kumar take lead with a masala action thriller. Komal Shastri provides the low-down on the story, performances, direction and music. Find out if it is one to watch or give a miss.

Holiday Review

After being promised a nail biting action thriller, Holiday ends up as a film with a good plot murdered by 3 hours of mushy songs, unnecessary fillers and irrational story.

The film follows Akshay Kumar (a really good looking soldier), who while on holiday witnesses a bomb blast in Mumbai and takes up the responsibility of abolishing the sleeper cells existing in his city.

Holiday Review

Apparently he is also a secret DIA, so secret that throughout the movie only he knows or thinks so! He doesn’t ever report to anyone senior from the DIA and is single-handedly taking decisions, solving mysteries on his Apple laptop and fighting the villains. After all, that is what we expect our logical Bollywood heroes to do, don’t we?

The problem with Holiday is that it tries to fit in everything at once. So it has action, suspense, comedy, romance, drama, patriotic monologues almost making us very emotional, immediately followed by Akshay and Sonakshi dancing in a desert singing a romantic song. Mood killer alert!

[easyreview title=”HOLIDAY: A SOLDIER IS NEVER OFF DUTY” cat1title=”Story” cat1detail=”Holiday is a masala action thriller about a hero’s fight against sleeper cells.” cat1rating=”2.5″ cat2title=”Performances” cat2detail=”Akshay Kumar delivers the edge of the seat action as promised. Others fail miserably.” cat2rating=”2.5″ cat3title=”Direction” cat3detail=”Murugadoss takes the audience for granted and except for a few thrills delivers nothing fresh.” cat3rating=”2″ cat4title=”Production” cat4detail=”A very colourful, glossy film which doesn’t exactly work with the theme.” cat4rating=”3″ cat5title=”Music” cat5detail=”Not a single song you will come out of the theatre humming.” cat5rating=”2.5″ summary=’Holiday, which could have been extremely interesting, sadly is only in parts. A one-time watch if you have nothing better to do. Review Scores by Komal Shastri.’ word=’FOR ACTION LOVERS ONLY’]

It is a family entertainer and the reason I call it so is because after the movie you can sit with your family to make fun of the hilarious scenes which weren’t exactly supposed to make us laugh.

Though, Akshay does live up to his action image and delivers his fans some extremely well-choreographed action scenes, he does do comedy in between, sometimes unintentionally and never really takes efforts to lip sync the songs, because, hey, he is a DIA and who really has time for all that?

Sonakshi Sinha shown as an all-rounder (literally!) is such a disappointment. After watching her in Lootera (2013), one really wonders why she would do movies which require her only for the songs, which the audience certainly doesn’t want to watch in an action thriller movie anyway!

The villain, Freddy Daruwala, looks like a model, who mistakenly walked from his ramp into a sleeper cell and continued to work there. Even his green contact lenses fail to make him look like some monstrous terrorist.

Also, it’s indeed a shame to waste two brilliant actors like Govinda and Zakhir Hussain by giving them cameos, which were unnecessary parts in the film, in the first place.

Murugadoss who has feathers of director, story and screenplay writer in his cap, tries to preach some thought provoking philosophies about real life heroes who fight selflessly for the country.

However the audience would have taken him seriously if he would have avoided the in-between romantic-comedy fillers and stuck to the genre. Story wise, he takes his audience for granted and except for a few thrills delivers nothing fresh.

The dialogues in the film are terrible but the dialogue delivery by the actors is even more awful and you find yourselves giggling in the theatre.

The film overall is colourful and glossy, not exactly helping the theme, but surely some commendable work by the cinematographer N. Natarajan. The film is so dragged for 3 hours that at times you really wonder, if only the film was crisper and to the point. Sadly you get a feeling of being on a long holiday and longing to go home finally!

To top it all (and test our patience), the film has such an over-the-top background score and badly timed songs that even if they may be melodious, you don’t have the tolerance to sit through them, let alone enjoy them. Such a waste!

Overall Holiday, not a nail biting one, but is a masala thriller, which you can go to watch with friends if you have nothing better to do on the weekend!

Komal is a cinéaste, who believes she was born to love films. Apart from working as assistant Director in Bollywood, she finds herself doing photography or watching Simpsons. “All I have in life is my imagination and I love it that way!”

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