Indian Soldier ‘kills’ Wife for Not Bearing Children

An Indian soldier has allegedly murdered his wife because she did not bear any children according to her family who are devasted by the loss.

Indian Soldier ‘kills’ Wife for Not Bearing Children f

They say their son-in-law killed her on purpose.

A shocking incident has emerged from Patiala in Punjab, where an Indian soldier has allegedly murdered his wife while riding his scooter.

Reports say, the accused, Harbjit Singh rode his scooter with his wife, Surjit Kaur on board, near Bhakra river.

Then, according to Harbjit, suddenly the scooter swerved and fell straight into the river with them on it.

The incident resulted in the strong river current pulling his wife and the scooter down the river, from which she drowned.

He says two men who were passing by saw him in the river and quickly responded to rescue him.

The body of Surjit Kaur, his wife has not yet been found or recovered from the river.

Harbjit Singh is claiming his wife’s death was an accident.

However, the entire episode has raised huge suspicions from Surjit Kaur’s family.

They are not convinced the death of their daughter was an accident, they see it as murder. They say their son-in-law killed her on purpose.

Charanjit Lal, the father of Surjit Kaur and her brother, Hardeep Singh expressed their feelings to the media.

Indian Soldier ‘kills’ Wife for Not Bearing Children - river

They say that Surjit Kaur married Harbjit Singh in the village Vasi of the district Derabassi in an arranged marriage.

After the marriage, Harbjit began to harass Sarbjit frequently. He kept on asking for more dowry and was never happy with her.

Then, when she did not bear any children and it was taking time for her to conceive, he began to domestically abuse her and started to beat her.

They then revealed what they know of the incident and the loss of Surjit.

As part of his role as an Indian soldier in the army, Harbjit is posted in Srinagar. He came back to Patiala on leave ten days ago.

In the night he was coming back from Srinagar for leave, he drove his car and arrived in Ranbirpura Korjiwala.

There, they say he plotted everything and purposely made his car not fit for driving by puncturing one of his car’s tyres.

Then he bought this scooter for his journey back to Patiala.

He then took his wife Surjit for the ride on the scooter towards the river. Knowing she cannot swim or survive in the water.

They say the incident was staged as an accident but his intention was to get rid of her and kill her in this manner.

He knew that if he brought the car, it would’ve been difficult for him to escape out of it, to save himself in the water, which is why he brought the scooter instead.

Being a soldier, he can swim and is trained to deal with dangerous scenarios of this kind.

Therefore, he got away from the scooter and swam back towards the river bank.

The family said that due to his daughter not being able to have children, he was planning to marry again.

The family are also very unhappy with the lack of response to the incident from the police.

They say that Harbjit is being an Indian soldier is getting VIP treatment from the police.

The family and fellow villagers say that if the police do not take action and register this case as a murder, they will begin a protest and taking it higher.

Based on the information received from both sides, police SHO Harbinder Singh told media that they are acting upon the case.
He said they have brought Harbjit Singh in for questioning.

During the questioning, Harbjit told police that as he was on the scooter a bright light from an ongoing truck blinding his path made him swerve it towards the river.

Police say they need to locate the body of his wife from the river, in order to conduct a full and thorough investigation.

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