‘Depressed’ Indian Teacher kills his 3 Children and Wife

An Indian teacher murdered his wife and three children. It has been reported that Upendra Shukla committed the murders due to his depression.

'Depressed' Indian Teacher kills his 3 Children and Wife f

"He murdered his wife and three children by slitting their throats."

Indian teacher Upendra Shukla, aged 35, was arrested on June 22, 2019, for killing his wife and three children.

He murdered his family at their home in South Delhi. Shukla’s mother-in-law saw the bodies in the morning and told the neighbours, who then called the police.

According to the mother-in-law, Shukla was found in the same room as the victims.

Police have said that he used a knife to slit the throats of his wife, son and two daughters.

His eldest daughter was seven years old while his son was five. Shukla also murdered his two-month-old daughter.

An interrogation revealed that Shukla committed the murders as he was depressed due to a financial crisis.

South Delhi DCP Vijay Kumar said that officers received the information at 7:10 am. He said that the suspect murdered his family on June 21, 2019.

Officers found a note at the scene saying that the Indian teacher committed the crime.

DCP Kumar said: “Upendra Shukla was staying in Mehrauli with his family and used to give private tuition. He murdered his wife and three children by slitting their throats.

“The knife used for committing the murders has been recovered. He has written a note admitting to the crime.”

However, neighbours have said that they never noticed the couple fighting.

Deepak Agarwal, aged 35, owns a shop and said Shukla had come into the shop on the day of the murders.

He said: “He was returning home after buying some items from the market.

“At around 6 am, one person, who lives on the third floor of the building, heard the cry of Shukla’s mother-in-law after which he reached his house.

“When he noticed blood in the room of the accused, he came to me and informed about the incident.”

Bharat Mahlawat, a neighbour, explained: “We got information that Upendra Shukla has killed his family after slitting their throats.

“When we reached the spot, we saw that the blood was coming out of the throat of Archana.

“The family had bought the fourth floor flat, which has three rooms, around five to six years ago. We have never heard them fighting and their behaviour was good.”

Deepak added: “We have never seen them fighting. Shukla’s mother-in-law had come here around two to three months ago before his wife delivered their third child.”

The Indian teacher remains in custody while further investigations are underway.

A preliminary investigation indicated that the killings took place between 1 and 1:30 am.

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