Indian Husband kills Wife for Not Giving Birth to a Child

A horrific incident has emerged, with an Indian husband from Chandigarh murdering his wife for not giving birth to a child.

Indian Husband kills Wife for Not Giving Birth to a Child f

He locked the door before using a scarf to strangle his wife.

An Indian husband has been arrested after he brutally strangled his wife to death. The incident happened in Maloya Colony, Chandigarh.

According to police, he murdered her because she did not give birth to his child.

Officers identified the victim as 28-year-old Sheetal while her husband was named as Anoop Singh. He was arrested and a case was registered.

After Sheetal’s relatives found her at her home in an unconscious state, they took her to the hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Police received reports of an assault at a house. After arriving at the hospital, they registered a case against Singh.

The investigation revealed that the couple frequently argued over the fact that she had not become pregnant. Officers also found out that Singh was unemployed.

It is believed that on the day of the murder, Singh rowed with his wife about her not giving birth which enraged him.

He locked the door before using a scarf to strangle his wife. One of the neighbours heard screams coming from the property and alerted Sheetal’s family members, who subsequently called the police.

After strangling his wife, the Indian husband fled the house.

Sheetal’s family found her lying unconscious on the floor and rushed her to the hospital, however, doctors declared her dead.

After hearing statements, officers registered a case and arrested Singh. Meanwhile, the victim’s body was kept at the hospital.

Police have explained that prior to the murder, Singh brutally beat his wife, leaving her with facial injuries including several broken teeth.

It was revealed that Sheetal was killed just days before her wedding anniversary, which was due to take place on November 14, 2019. She had been married to Singh for three years.

After Singh was arrested, he denied any responsibility even pretending to cry in an attempt to convince officers that he did not murder his wife.

Police officers spoke to Sheetal’s parents who said that her husband regularly harassed her for not getting pregnant.

They explained that they had told Singh to stop harassing their daughter but he would not listen.

Officers found out that following the murder, Singh’s family were nowhere to be found, prompting suspicion that they may have been involved.

Anoop Singh remains in custody. However, locals have stated that a thorough investigation should be conducted in order to identify everyone that was involved in the murder.

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