5 PIA Employees arrested for Stealing from Passenger’s Luggage

Five PIA employees have been arrested after they stole valuables from a passenger’s luggage. The incident came to light when a complaint was made.

5 PIA Employees arrested for Stealing from Passengers Luggage f

her jewellery and a sum of cash was missing.

On Wednesday, November 6, 2019, five PIA employees were arrested after they stole jewellery and cash from a passenger’s luggage.

They broke the lock of the bag before making off with the valuables.

Karachi Airport Police Station SHO Kaleem Musa explained that a complaint was made to PIA security by a man named Mian Mustafa.

He said that he had travelled with his wife on PIA flight PK-356 from Karachi to Peshawar on October 30, 2019.

However, when she went to collect her luggage from the baggage carousel, she discovered that the lock was broken, prompting suspicion.

The woman looked inside and found that her jewellery and a sum of cash was missing. Security teams from the national flag carrier took action following the complaint.

After a thorough investigation, five suspects were caught. During interrogation, officers discovered the whereabouts of the stolen cash and jewellery.

The valuables were eventually recovered handed back to the complainant’s wife.

Shahid Muslim, Musharraf, Tufail Ahmed, Parvez and Tanveer Hussain Shah were identified as the suspects.

The PIA employees were handed over to airport police where SHO Musa confirmed that they were arrested.

A spokesperson for the airline said that an investigation is underway but went on to say that the police wrongly took credit as they claimed to have identified the suspects and had detained them.

PIA has been in the headlines for negative reasons and it usually involves their employees.

One high-profile incident involved air hostess Shazia Saeed who went on the run while on duty. She had been on a flight from Lahore to Paris.

After she landed in the French capital, Saeed left her hotel without informing anyone. She left without her luggage.

Her colleagues stated that they were unaware that Shazia left as she did not tell them.

It was revealed that after she changed her outfit and left the hotel, she met with her boyfriend and together, they fled to Belgium.

Her colleagues found out she had gone when she left a note in her room. Sources claimed it was a resignation letter but a spokesperson denied the claim.

They alerted the airline’s management department, launching an investigation into the incident and the whereabouts of Shazia.

A show-cause notice was issued to her by the airline’s administrators as she failed to notify senior staff members before disappearing.

A spokesperson explained that further action would be taken following her reply to the show-cause notice.

PIA planned to also take action if she failed to return to Pakistan to explain her reason for leaving without prior notice.

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