Aiman & Minal Khan Accused of Not Paying Employees

A former employee has accused twin sisters Aiman and Minal Khan of not paying their staff members and disrespecting them.

Aiman & Minal Khan Accused of Not Paying Employees f


"They constantly disrespect them and treat them like slaves"

After accusations of not paying their employees, twin sisters Aiman and Minal Khan issued a statement on the Aiman Minal Closet official page in response.

The sisters were accused of not paying Ali Hamid, a former employee of AnM Closet, for six months.

On his social media account, Ali shared screenshots of his conversation with Minal and Aiman’s brother Maaz.

He also said: “I’ve now reached the point where I’m writing about my bad experience at Aiman Minal Closet after pleading for my own money for six months.

“I have been employed by them for over a year now. But they never paid me on time.

“They don’t pay their employees despite being this famous, and if you address Maaz (their brother) about payment, he always promises to transfer it the following week, but you never actually receive the salary.

“They constantly disrespect them and treat them like slaves, but they never pay them wages.

“They owe me exactly $80,000, and I’m sick of pressuring them for it.

“I keep sending them messages, but I never hear back.”

In response to the allegations, the organisation has clarified that the sisters were not involved in the day-to-day operations of the company.

The statement read: “Aiman Khan and Minal Khan are not involved in the daily operations of the company, it’s owned by Maaz Khan; hence they cannot and should not be held responsible for any human resource-related issue.”

When they attempted to explain the brand’s perspective, it was stated:

“AnM Closet is a well-reputed fashion brand that makes sure to meet the needs of its employees.

“It is important to note that the brand does not believe in holding any employee’s salary.”

“However, like many other companies, this company has gone through some financial difficulty, resulting in delayed salaries.

“But soon took corrective measures and managed to resolve the problem.”

The statement also claimed that the allegations made against the sisters were part of an attempted “smear campaign” to tarnish their reputation.

The organisation said that it would take legal action against those involved in the campaign.

“The recent allegations by certain individuals who were ex-employees of the brand are trying to malign the reputation of Aiman Khan and Minal Khan via a planned smear campaign, which will be responded to legally.”

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