Indian Groom refuses to Marry Bride for Not Giving Dowry

In a video, an Indian groom refuses to get married, claiming that the bride’s family had not met his dowry demands.

Indian Groom refuses to Marry Bride for Not Giving Dowry f

"Who says dowry is not practised?"

An Indian groom has gone viral for all the wrong reasons as he is seen refusing to get married because the bride’s family allegedly failed to meet his dowry demands.

In India, asking for and giving dowry is a punishable offence.

However, a man in Bihar demands dowry and justifies his demands on camera.

In the video, the groom is seen sitting next to his bride-to-be. But he says he will not marry her if his demands are not met.

He tells the cameraman: “I have not received the cash till now.

“I have not got all the things that were promised. Even the chain hasn’t come.

“So, on what basis do I get married?”

The groom, who is believed to work for the government, even threatens to leave the wedding venue without marrying the woman.

When the cameraman tells the groom that asking for dowry is wrong, the man replies:

“Who says dowry is not practised?”

He claims that dowry is a known practice and people only learnt about his case because he did not receive it.

While he continues to threaten to walk out, the bride says most of his demands have been met. She says the remaining Rs. 1 Lakh (£990) will be paid later.

But the Indian groom demands everything to be given “right now”, including the gold chain and ring.

The cameraman continues to question the groom’s demands but the man replies:

“If this was going to happen they should have found someone belonging to their status. Why aim for people with a government job?”

The video went viral and some social media users stated that despite dowry being a punishable offence, it has not stopped people from demanding or giving it.

One person said: “The only reason behind such a situation is that usually (not always) girl is not educated/independent enough and is a liability for the in-laws.

“Parents are also not interested in spending on her education cos they feel that they have to save for her wedding.”

“The vicious cycle continues.”

But many slammed the Indian groom for his regressive mindset and sense of entitlement.

One user wrote: “The audacity! The entitlement!”

Another said: “No matter how modern and educated we are, this is the reality of Indian society.”

One person commented: “Wtf, educated from where?

“Dowry lol, he doesn’t have the guts to marry a woman and this attitude, wow wtf, he thinks of himself asking for.”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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