London Bachelor spends £2,000 on Billboard to Find Wife

A singleton has spent £2,000 on a billboard on the London Underground in the hopes of finding himself a wife.

Bachelor spends £2,000 on Billboard to Find Wife f

"it would be a good way of standing out."

In his search for a wife, a Londoner has spent £2,000 on a billboard at Oxford Circus tube station.

Bachelor Jeevan Bhachu put his face on a 20-foot billboard. The 31-year-old is pictured in a pink suit alongside the slogan:

“Best Indian you’ll takeaway”.

Potential suitors are directed to his website,, where they are asked to provide information about their hobbies and interests along with a photo of themselves.

Jeevan’s tagline initially landed him in trouble with TfL as they allegedly told him it broke their rules against advertising junk food.

Jeevan said: “It was quite bizarre, really. But they finally came to their senses and realised it had nothing to do with takeaways.”

The advertising campaign was launched on March 3, 2022, and is set to run for two weeks.

However, the opening day was hampered by Tube strikes, meaning Jeevan had no applicants on the first day.

He told MyLondon: “It’s going well, I’ve had about 50 [applicants] so far. Some are genuine, some not so genuine.

“I’ve got to sort through them all and see if anyone catches my eye.”

His website stated: “Since Covid, it’s been tough to get yourself out there. Apps are declining and I’m more interested in meeting up than countless texting and swiping.

“So it’s time to do something more creative!

“I’m open to any race for my ideal partner. Someone who is family orientated, humble, and wants to make the most of life. Appreciating humour and not taking life too seriously is key.

“Having a good personality is important, with a positive and modern mindset (I am far from a traditionalist).”

Jeevan, who works in marketing, previously tried dating apps but is yet to find the right person.

He continued: “I’ve been in relationships before, but I’m not getting any younger.

“I just thought it would be a good way of standing out.

“I didn’t do it on billboards because I thought TfL would be more effective. You’re waiting on a train every five minutes, and everyone’s on their phones so they can use it to look up my website.”

Jeevan was inspired by Muhammad Malik, who launched a billboard campaign in a bid to find “Mrs Right”.

Jeevan said:

“It’s quite similar to getting a job, you see people outside stations giving out their CVs and that’s a genius tactic.”

He said friends and family have been supportive, with some complimenting his pink suit and bravery at placing the billboard in one of London’s busiest underground stations.

Jeevan, who DJs in his spare time, said:

“I’ve been on Tinder and I’ve been Bumble.

“I think I’ll get a broader crowd from this billboard, maybe older people who don’t use apps. Even if I get one match that’s a success for me.”

Depending on how his dating campaign goes, Jeevan is thinking of expanding to Kings Cross or other stations across London.

Jeevan revealed that he is not attached to a PR or dating company and is doing it off his own back, adding:

“For me, even to just get one genuine response is what the aim is.

“I’m not looking for hundreds, I’m just looking for ‘the one’.”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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