Indian Student joins Ukrainian Army

An Indian student from Tamil Nadu has reportedly joined the Ukrainian army in order to fight Russian forces.

Indian Student joins Ukrainian Army f

he had volunteered to fight against Russian forces.

Amid the ongoing Ukraine-Russia crisis, an Indian student has joined the Ukrainian army in order to fight against Russian forces.

Sainikhesh Ravichandran is originally from Tamil Nadu.

The 21-year-old is an aerospace engineering student at Kharkiv University.

However, war broke out in Ukraine after Russia invaded the country, resulting in many Indian students being stranded there.

It has been reported that Sainikhesh has joined the International Legion, a paramilitary group of volunteers put together by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to fight Russian forces.

Individuals from the UK, US, Lithuania, Sweden and India have joined the force.

The Ukrainian government has created a website for volunteers to sign up to and according to Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, nearly 20,000 foreign nationals from 52 countries have already joined.

After the war broke out, there had been no word from Sainikhesh for several days, worrying his parents.

They were later shocked to discover that he had volunteered to fight against Russian forces.

As soon as they found out, they contacted the Indian Embassy in Ukraine.

According to Tamil Nadu police, a group of Central Intelligence Bureau officers visited Sainikhesh’s family home and collected details about him.

They also asked his parents why he joined the Ukrainian forces.

The Indian student’s parents told officials that their son had a passion for the military and armed training.

His bedroom is full of photographs of the Indian military.

It was reported that he attempted to join the Indian army on two occasions but was rejected due to his height.

Sainikhesh’s family said that a few days before the conflict started, Sainikhesh had secured a part-time job at a video game developing company.

His father said:

“I am terribly upset and I have requested the government of India to bring my son back to India.”

“He had called home a few days ago, and he had said that he was safe but he did not listen to our requests to come back.”

Joining the military has long been a dream for Sainikhesh and it has come true, even if it means breaking the law in India.

Indian law forbids its citizens from participating in military action in other countries.

Despite this, up to 500 Indian nationals have signed up to join the International Legion.

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