Indian TV Host shouts at Wrongly named Ukrainian Guest

A fiery interview saw an Indian TV host shouting at one of his guests, only to later find out that he had been calling him by the wrong name.

Indian TV Host shouts at Wrongly named Ukrainian Guest f

“I’m not lecturing, it’s the other guy.”

A TV debate ended in awkward circumstances when the Indian TV host realised he had mixed up his Ukrainian and American guests’ names.

Rahul Shivshankar of Times Now had Daniel McAdams, head of the Ron Paul Institute and Kyiv Post chief editor Bohdan Nahaylo on his Indian Upfront program.

The trio were discussing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine when Rahul began accusing Daniel of being “on the fence” about the war, however, he was actually speaking to Bohdan.

He said: “Daniel McAdams, just take a bit of a chill pill, I didn’t even address to you, relax, calm down.

“If you are so concerned about Ukrainians… get off the fence and send your forces and put boots on the ground, don’t lecture us here in India.”

Continuing to think that he is speaking to Daniel, Rahul says:

“If you have any problems, go tell the US President Mr Biden.”

Bohdan and Rahul continue to go back and forth while Daniel McAdams is seen trying to tell the Indian TV host that he has mixed up his guests’ names.

In the bottom corner, Daniel looks visibly confused.

Daniel continues to try and get a word in, however, Rahul continues shouting at his Ukrainian guest while still calling him Mr McAdams.

As Rahul shouts about the United States’ “colonial agendas” wrecking the south and east, Daniel becomes increasingly annoyed.

The Indian TV host mistakingly tells Bohdan:

“Don’t sit here and lecture us Mr McAdams.”

He then calls for Bohdan’s microphone to be disconnected before the real Daniel McAdams yelled back:

“I’m not lecturing, it’s the other guy.”

Daniel stated that he had been silent while the other two men yelled at each other.

Daniel angrily said: “I’m not talking, I’m not talking, it’s the other guy who is talking. I haven’t been able to say a word.

“Dear host, I have not said a word yet, I do not why you are yelling at me.”

Thinking he is now talking to Bohdan, Rahul responded:

“I’m not yelling at you. I’m talking about Mr McAdams.

“I’m talking about Mr McAdams.”

Daniel replied: “I am Mr McAdams. I am Mr McAdams.”

Rahul Shivshankar’s soon realised his huge mistake and conceded:

“Oh, sorry, I got that confused.”

The exchange was posted on Twitter and has been viewed over 9.7 million times.

While some people felt sorry for Daniel McAdams, many took the opportunity to post memes about the bizarre case of mistaken identity.

One person said: “Makes you wonder why anyone in their right mind bothers to show up on these ‘debates’.”

The identity confusion may have been down to the fact that the graphics of the guests’ names were displayed above the wrong guest.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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