Indian Bride refuses to Marry Groom over his Appearance

An Indian bride refused to marry the groom after seeing him in person for the first time and taking issue with his looks.

Indian Bride refuses to Marry Groom over his Appearance f

"Rather, I would like to die."

In a bizarre incident, an Indian bride refused to marry the groom after expressing her problem with his physical appearance.

The matter unfolded at a venue in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh.

It is reported that the bride’s family met the groom in person but she could not.

The woman, named only as Mamta, was only shown a picture of Anil Chauhan.

On the wedding day, Mamta met Anil in person for the first time.

However, she did not like his physical appearance and refused to marry him, saying:

“Rather, I would like to die.”

The Indian bride also accused Anil’s family of misleading her with a “beautified” picture of Anil.

Her refusal to get married caused chaos among the two families.

Both families argued and it escalated to such an extent that the police were called.

When the police were informed about the strange case, they arrived at the wedding venue and tried to reach an agreement between both parties.

When Mamta did not agree to the terms, the groom’s family returned the gifts they received from the bride’s family.

In the end, the wedding was called off with mutual consent.

Incidents of brides refusing to marry grooms for different reasons are not uncommon in India.

In March 2019, Rinki Kumari called off her wedding after her soon-to-be husband allegedly turned up drunk.

She was set to marry Bablu Kumar at a venue in Bihar.

He arrived intoxicated and was unaware of his surroundings. Bablu also acted disrespectfully during the ceremony.

As a result, Rinki became angry with him. She later refused to marry him when he disrespected her.

Both sets of families tried to reason with her but she did not change her mind.

Tribhuvan Shah, the bride’s father said: “The groom was so drunk that he was unaware of his surroundings.”

According to Mr Shah, the groom even passed out briefly due to his state. He added:

“The groom was so drunk that when the puja ceremony was being done, he was not conscious.

“Then when two of the men in the ceremony tied a scarf around his neck. He grabbed it and threw it off.”

Rinki approached her future husband in an attempt to calm him down, however, Bablu started speaking to her in an uncivil way.

Family members tried to convince Rinki to change her mind but she did not.

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