Kunal Kapoor’s Flab to Muscle Body Transformation for Veeram

Kunal Kapoor posted his body transformation for film Veeram on social media. From flab to muscle in six months, he had help from the gym and protein shakes.

Kunal Kapoor's Flab to Muscle Body Transformation for Veeram

"Congrats! You're such a huge inspiration man."

Bollywood actor Kunal Kapoor decided to undertake a body transformation for his warrior role in Veeram. And now he has gone from flab to muscle!

Posting the images of his journey on social media, fans gave him massive compliments.

In his recent film, Veeram, Kunal Kapoor stars as an ancient warrior. However, during the film, he displays two different looks. He initially gained 25 pounds for the first look.

Then his body transformation began as he lost the extra pounds by hitting the gym.

While fans got to see the fantastic end results in the Bollywood film, Kunal posted the entire process on social media.

He describes it as a journey of “6 months”, where he consumed “232 protein shakes”!

6 months, 23 days, 12 hours and 232 protein shakes later! #transform

A post shared by Kunal Kapoor (@kunalkkapoor) on

Fans immediately took to social media to express their opinions. One said: “Congrats! You’re such a huge inspiration man.”

Others gave more cynical opinions, but Kunal’s fans defended him, saying: “Hardwork is not everyones cup of tea. Especially for keyboard warriors. [sic]”

Kunal Kapoor also spoke to Yahoo News on his body transformation. He said: “I was training like a beast for almost six months.”

The actor added:

“I have always been fit, but this is the fittest and most muscular I have ever been. I play a warrior in the film and I wanted to make sure I felt and looked like one.”

After the success of Veeram, Kunal Kapoor will shoot scenes for his next film project. He will star in Raagdesh, a film reportedly taking inspiration from the 1945 Red Fort Trials.

But he’s not the only actor to have undergone such a process. Aamir Khan went through a similar task when he starred in Dhangal, where he played former Indian wrestler and coach, Mahavir Singh Phogat.

The Bollywood legend had to put on a considerable amount of weight and then drop it in a 5-month timeframe. The results showed him with a ripped, muscular frame.

But if you want to see more of Kunal Kapoor’s body transformation, check out his Instagram or be sure to watch Veeram.

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Images courtesy of Kunal Kapoor's Twitter.

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