Indian Woman loses Baby giving Birth on Hospital Stairs

An Indian woman from Punjab shockingly gave birth on a set of stairs at the hospital. Unfortunately, moments later, she lost her baby.

Indian Woman loses Baby giving Birth on Hospital Stairs f

she got up and tried to make her way inside the hospital.

An Indian woman sadly lost her baby after giving birth on the hospital stairs. The incident happened in the city of Gurdaspur, Punjab.

The hospital had been focusing their efforts on treating patients for the Coronavirus.

However, by doing so, they allegedly neglected the pregnant woman and the newborn subsequently died.

The matter came to light when a social worker found the pregnant woman.

Neetu Khosla explained that on Thursday, March 26, 2020, at around 10:30 pm, she was on her way home with her brother and colleagues when a man and woman approached her.

They appeared to be in trouble and the woman told Neetu that she was pregnant.

Neetu decided to help and took the woman to a nearby hospital, however, they did not let her in. Neetu then went to the police for help.

With the assistance of the police, the Indian woman was taken to another private hospital in Harchowal.

A female doctor admitted her but during treatment, the medic allegedly removed the drip and told her to leave.

The woman was reportedly locked out of the ward. She then spent the night outside.

But when the woman’s health began to deteriorate, she got up and tried to make her way inside the hospital.

As she reached the stairs, her condition worsened and she ended up giving birth. But just minutes later, the newborn baby died.

As cases of Coronavirus continue to grow, the priority is for hospitals to treat those with the virus.

However, the hospital has been accused of neglecting the pregnant woman and it resulted in her baby dying.

Senior Medical Officer Ranjit Singh explained that the matter initially did not come to his attention. He said that the female doctor was meant to be on leave.

SMO Singh was accused of not having his hospital treat the woman because she had not paid for it, however, he firmly denied the allegations.

He went on to say that an internal investigation is underway and action will be taken against the doctor following its conclusion.

While SMO Singh confirmed that an investigation is being conducted, he stated that the pregnant woman should have informed him about the matter directly.

In another case, a woman was forced to give birth in a park after she was forced out of a hospital by a worker.

The woman had gone to the hospital experiencing stomach pains. However, when she arrived at the labour room, a cleaner reprimanded her and escorted her out of the labour room.

The woman’s condition then began to worsen. At that point, the pregnant woman was told to sit in the nearby park.

A short while later, the woman ended up giving birth to a premature baby in the park.

After a statement was made, an investigation was underway and the cleaner was subsequently fired.

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