Indian Woman Loses Baby and blames Mother-in-Law & Husband

An Indian woman from Punjab is blaming the death of her premature baby girl due to the abuse from her mother-in-law and her husband.

Indian Woman Loses Baby and blames Mother-in-Law & Husband f

They started to physically beat her and torment her

An Indian woman named Soniya from Jalandhar in Punjab blames the loss of her baby on her mother-in-law and husband.

Soniya from the Bhargo Camp area in Jalandhar was undergoing pregnancy treatment at the local civil hospital.

She gave birth to a premature baby girl who had sadly died in the womb.

Soniya alleges that the death of her baby was due to the domestic violence and physical beatings she endured from her husband and mother-in-law.

However, Soniya’s husband claims the baby died due to his wife purposely taking harmful medicine which did not allow the baby to survive.

Based on the two claims, heated arguments erupted and were witnessed at the gynaecology ward of the civil hospital between Sonyia’s in-laws and her parents.

Soniya who is the daughter of Ashok Kumar told media that she married her husband, Saurav, from Ujala Nagar, Basti Sheikh, in Jalandhar, six months earlier.

Sometime later into the marriage, Saurav began to prohibit her from visiting her parents.

He then also stopped Soniya from contacting or speaking to her parents on her mobile phone.

Soniya by now was pregnant and was expecting a baby girl.

Afterwhich, Soniya says her mother-in-law and husband started to get abusive towards her.

They started to physically beat her and torment her. Making her life extremely difficult.

She says she even did report the physical abuse to the police to no avail or response.

Soniya managed to get away from her in-laws and moved back to her parents, where she has been staying for the last two months, being five months pregnant.

On the morning of August 5, 2019, Soniya began to experience severe pains related to her pregnancy.

She was then admitted to the civil hospital in an emergency, where the medical teams assisted to help deliver her daughter.

Her daughter was still-born and Soniya immediately began to accuse her mother-in-law and husband for the death of the child.

Opposing the claims of Soniya, Saurav then counter-argued that she never wanted to have the baby with him and she had killed the baby herself in her womb, taking harmful drugs and even beating it.

Police from Bhargo Camp station were called to the incident.

Assistant Sub-Inspector, Vijay Kumar stated that the full investigation has been launched into the matter, starting with a postmortem of the baby girl.

Kumar said that if the postmortem report finds that the baby has died due to physical beatings and such violence, a case will be registered against the accused.

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Image courtesy Punjabi Kesari

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