Pakistani Wife kills Husband for Not Buying Her New Clothes

A Pakistani wife murdered her husband after he refused to buy her new clothes. The incident took place in the Khairpur Nathan Shah area of Sindh.

Pakistani Wife kills Husband for Not Buying Her New Clothes f

she killed him after he refused to buy her new clothes.

A Pakistani wife from Sindh was arrested after she killed her husband for not buying her new clothes. The woman resides in the Khairpur Nathan Shah area of the province.

The incident took place on Friday, April 5, 2019. The unnamed suspect confessed to the crime following her arrest.

According to reports, the victim, identified as Shahnawaz Junjeo, had refused to buy his wife new clothes.

She became enraged and it resulted in an argument between the couple.

The altercation escalated when the woman took an axe and attacked her husband with it.

Local residents came to the victim’s aid and took him to the hospital where he died due to a loss of blood.

Meanwhile, police officers were informed of the woman’s attack on her husband and arrived at the scene. The suspect was arrested and the axe was seized.

A senior police official confirmed that the woman had been taken into custody.

In her statement, she told police that she had murdered her husband. She said that she killed him after he refused to buy her new clothes.

A police official said that the victim’s body has been taken to a hospital where a post mortem will be conducted to confirm the extent of his injuries.

Meanwhile, the woman is being further investigated.

In another incident, a man committed suicide after shooting his wife over a domestic dispute in Jaranwala, Punjab, Pakistan.

Muhammad Sarfraz, aged 45, argued with his wife Rasoolan Bibi, aged 30, over a domestic incident. He became infuriated when she exchanged harsh words with him.

In retaliation, he took out a gun and fired it at his wife multiple times, causing critical injuries.

Sarfraz then turned the gun on himself before shooting himself in the head.

Bibi was rushed to the hospital where she succumbed to her injuries and died.

In a case which took place in the UK, a woman beat her elderly husband to death after he treated her like a slave.

Packiam Ramanathan beat Kanagusabi Ramanathan with a wooden pole after he threw a stick at her. She described the incident and stated that she went into a trance when she beat her abusive husband to death.

The court heard that the defendant was treated “like a servant” and was abused by her controlling husband.

Ramanathan admitted to manslaughter and was cleared of murder. She was jailed for two years and four months.

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