Indian Couple Assault and Abuse Delhi Police Officer

A Delhi police officer was physically attacked and verbally abused by an Indian couple in the street. A video of the incident has since emerged.

Indian Couple Assault and Abuse Delhi Police Officer f

the man tore the uniform of an Assistant sub-inspector.

A video has gone viral of an Indian couple attacking a Delhi police officer even though he was just doing his job. The incident took place in the Kishangarh area of Delhi.

It was a case that has seen similar incidents in the past where civilians have become violent towards police officers in India.

The incident happened when a woman and a man were stopped by the traffic officer as they had violated traffic rules.

Instead of complying with the rules, the couple physically attacked and screamed at the police officer. The video even showed the woman hurling abuse at him while hitting him with a bottle.

The video clip was recorded by another traffic officer and it shows the whole incident where the two people are manhandling the policeman.

The couple were arrested for obstruction of duty and misbehaving with the traffic officer.

In the Delhi police officer’s statement, he described the incident. He said that during the assault, the woman broke the challan machine while the man tore the uniform of an Assistant sub-inspector.

See the Shocking Footage

An FIR was registered against the two suspects under Sections 186, 353 and 34 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). They were also booked under Section 3 of the Prevention of Damage to Public Property Act.

There has been a number of attacks against members of the Delhi police in 2019.

A man who claimed to be from Nigeria attacked a group of traffic officers after they stopped him for not wearing a helmet when he was riding his scooter.

The man was stopped near the Mohan Garden metro station in Delhi. He tried to flee but was caught by two officers.

An argument then ensued during which the suspect pushed his scooter aside and began physically attacking the two policemen.

The policemen initially tried to fight the man off but then a group of locals intervened.

The incident was filmed and showed one man hitting the suspect several times.

During the violence, one of the police officers was able to alert the control room. A police team quickly arrived at the scene and the attack stopped.

DCP Anto Alphonse explained that the probe began when they saw the viral clip. He said:

“We will take appropriate legal action against the accused and the others who were found to be involved in the incident.”

A case of assault was registered against the suspect.

While the statements of both police officers were recorded, they could also face disciplinary action for physically assaulting a violator.

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