Indian Man kills Mother for Not Allowing his Wife Back Home

A 28-year-old Indian man from Kalyan murdered his mother. According to officers, he killed her for not allowing his wife back home.

Indian Man kills Mother for Not Allowing his Wife Back Home f

"Aman was throwing whatever he could see on Ruksana."

A 28-year-old Indian man identified as Aman Mulla was arrested for brutally killing his mother on Wednesday, September 4, 2019.

The incident happened at their home in the city of Kalyan, Maharashtra.

Mulla murdered 56-year-old Ruksana Mulla because he was unhappy that she had sent his wife to go back to her parental home and refused to let her back in.

He was also angry that his mother allegedly treated his wife badly.

The suspect had repeatedly asked for his wife to come back home but his mother would not allow it.

During the evening of September 4, 2019, Mulla and his mother argued over the fact that she was not allowing his wife to return home.

However, according to a preliminary investigation, the row turned violent and Mulla began assaulting his mother with various objects found in the house.

Mulla’s sister-in-law saw him turn violent and fled the house with her two children.

Senior Inspector at Bazarpeth Police Station Yeshwant Chavan explained:

“His sister-in-law somehow managed to escape from the house with her two kids when Aman became violent.

“Ruksana was shouting for help but in a fit of rage Aman was throwing whatever he could see on Ruksana.”

The Indian man beat his mother with kitchen items which caused her to bleed.

Inspector Chavan added: “He initially hammered her with a pressure cooker but then he threw a pav bhaji masher, umbrella and floor cleaning brush at her.

“After which, she started bleeding.”

Mulla’s sister-in-law told her neighbours about what was happening and they informed the police. When the police arrived at the scene, Mulla had already killed his mother.

Inspector Chavan said:

“After killing his mother, Aman locked himself inside the house and sat beside the body.”

“Only when the police threatened to break open the door, he let them in.”

Police officers explained that the suspect’s brother works for a private firm in Vikhroli while his other brother lives in Dubai.

The Mumbai Mirror reported that the police also said that Mulla has been unemployed for several months.

Anil Powar, Assistant Commissioner of Police in Kalyan, said:

“We have arrested the accused for killing his mother and a further probe is on.”

Aman Mulla was arrested and booked under the section of murder of the Indian Penal Code. Meanwhile, the victim’s body was taken for a post-mortem.

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