Indian Man kills Elderly Mother for Not Cooking Chicken Curry

A man in India stabbed and killed his elderly mother after she did not make him chicken curry after telling her to do so.

elderly mother chicken curry

His elderly mother helplessly fell screaming with stab wounds

A horrific incident involving an Indian man from the Guntur district in Andhra Prades and his elderly mother, resulted in him stabbing and killing her after she did not cook a lunch of chicken curry for him.

The man, a known alcoholic, Bejjam Kishore, aged 45, had bought chicken on the morning of Sunday, June 3, 2018, and gave it to his 80-year-old mother, Bejjam Mariamma, to cook for him while he went out drinking.

When he got back to his home from his drinking spree in an intoxicated state, he found that his old mother had not yet made the chicken curry for him as he told her to.

Then at their home in Badepuram in the Guntur district, Kishore started shouting and bad-mouthing his mother for not making the food, and took a knife and started stabbing her.

His elderly mother helplessly fell screaming with stab wounds and died at the scene of the stabbing by her son.

Kishore who used to work as a Rural Medical Practitioner (RMP) fled and ran away from the killing.

Neighbours heard the screams of his mother and rushed to the house and contacted the police to report this shocking act of crime committed on her by her son.

Kishore was addicted to alcohol and was drinking every day and was living with his old mother after his wife left him because of his alcoholism. She left with their children and separated from him.

A case against Bejjam Kishore has been filed by police and a search operation has been launched to find him for the murder of his mother.

According to an Urban Nutrition Report by National Institute of Nutrition in October 2017, urban men in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states of India were found to be the second highest in the country to consume alcohol at 37.4 percent.

In 2014, the SRS baseline survey revealed that in January 2014 Andhra Pradesh had the highest percentage of male drinkers in South India. The survey revealed that across the southern states, men aged between 45-59 were the biggest drinkers and consumers of alcohol.

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