Indian Man kills Mother and Films her Murder

In a horrific incident, an Indian man from Madhya Pradesh murdered his mother. He also filmed himself carrying out the killing, making it more shocking.

Indian Man kills Mother & Films her Murder f

"someone had killed Savitri Pandey with a sharp-edged weapon"

An Indian man was arrested on Tuesday, July 28, 2020, for the brutal murder of his mother.

The incident happened on July 26 in Madhya Pradesh’s Rewa district.

It was reported that the 24-year-old slit his mother’s throat. He also filmed himself carrying out the murder.

Police identified the accused as Dhirendra Pandey, a resident of Khatika village, 480 kilometres northeast of Bhopal.

Following his arrest, police also seized the mobile phone that was used to film the murder of the victim, Savitri Pandey.

The matter came to light when the victim’s husband informed the police, telling them that his wife had been killed and that her body was dumped in a forested area.

Rewa Superintendent of Police Rakesh Singh said:

“A resident of Khatika village, Kripashankar Pandey, 46, the husband of deceased Savitri, informed Jawa police station on Sunday that someone had killed Savitri Pandey with a sharp-edged weapon and thrown her body in a nearby jungle on Sunday morning.”

SP Singh explained that during the investigation, they discovered that Savitri had lost her eldest son in 2019.

His death left her shattered. Savitri struggled to move on. She cried often and became depressed.

According to police, Dhirendra believed that his mother preferred her eldest son to him and would get jealous.

SP Singh said: “Savitri’s younger son Dhirendra, who is jobless, started hating her mother as he thought his mother loved her elder son far more than she loved him.

“Dhirendra used to fight with his wife, mother and father too on trivial issues.

“Dhirendra had also threatened Savitri many a time that he would kill her.

“The accused’s father in his statement to the police raised suspicion that his son might have been involved in the murder.”

On July 28, police detained the Indian man at his house and questioned him.

He admitted killing his mother and also revealed that he had filmed the murder.

SP Singh added: “The video was later retrieved from his mobile phone.

“In the video, Dhirendra was seen slitting the throat of her mother with a sharp-edged weapon and the mother is seen writhing in pain and helplessly pleading before her son to let her go.

“When the crime was committed, there was no one else in the house except the accused and his mother.”

An FIR was registered under section 302 (murder) of the Indian Penal Code. Dhirendra was presented before the court. He was later remanded in court.

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