Indian Son burnt Mother Alive after Character Suspicion

In a horrific incident, an Indian son from Punjab burnt his mother alive. It was reported that he suspected her character.

Indian Son burnt Mother Alive after Character Suspicion f

he believed Hardip killed his own mother

A police case has been registered against an Indian son and his uncle for murdering his mother.

The incident happened in the village of Mandi Kalan, Bathinda, Punjab. It was revealed that the victim was burned alive after being suspected of her character.

Kulwinder Kaur was allegedly murdered by her son Hardip Gir and his uncle Ajaib Gir on Saturday, April 18, 2020.

She had been cooking by the stove when she died. The two suspects decided to make it appear like an accident.

The matter came to light when her brother Raja Singh, of Haryana, received a call from Hardip. He claimed that his mother was near the stove fire preparing food when the fire went out of control and she was set alight.

Kulwinder was rushed to Guru Gobind Singh Medical College and Hospital in Faridkot, however, she succumbed to her injuries on April 19.

Upon reaching the hospital and seeing Hardip’s behaviour, Raja became suspicious. He contacted the police and gave a statement.

He suspected that there had been foul play and that his sister had actually been murdered.

Raja told police that he believed Hardip killed his own mother as he used to get into frequent arguments with her.

After hearing that Raja had gone to the police, Hardip and Ajaib went on the run.

Police registered a case and launched an investigation. Officers discovered that Kulwinder’s death was not an accident.

They found that Hardip and Ajaib had made it appear like an accident so that they would not be suspected.

It was revealed that the two suspects set the victim on fire as they suspected her character, which is what led to the frequent arguments between the mother and Indian son.

Police explained that Hardip had enlisted the help of his uncle to help carry out the murder.

Although it initially appeared like an accident, the two suspects fled when Raja became suspicious and went to the police.

Police had previously registered a case under Section 174 of the Indian Penal Code based on Hardip’s statement.

However, following Raja’s statement, a case was registered under murder against Hardip and Ajaib.

Hardip was the eldest of three children.

Officers from Balianwali Police Station have launched an investigation into the murder. Police are currently searching for the whereabouts of Hardip and Ajaib, who are still on the run.

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