Indian Mother kills Sister to avenge her Child’s Death

In a shocking incident, an Indian mother from Rajasthan killed her younger sister so that she could avenge the death of her child.

Indian Mother kills Sister to avenge her Child's Death f

she picked up a shovel and struck her sister over the head

An Indian mother has been arrested for the brutal murder of her younger sister. The incident happened in the town of Tonk, Rajasthan.

It was revealed that the victim had killed the woman’s daughter in March 2020.

The mother knew her daughter had been killed under suspicious circumstances, however, she discovered her own sister had murdered her during an argument.

In an act of revenge, the woman violently killed her younger sister.

Police identified the woman as Geeta Meena. Her one-year-old daughter had been killed, however, it was not known who was responsible.

SP Adarsh Sidhu explained that the murder had a huge effect on Geeta.

However, Geeta started becoming suspicious of her sister as she constantly made threats towards her and her husband Mohan Lal shortly after the killing.

The woman would tell her sister and brother-in-law to keep out of her way or else she would teach them a lesson.

Due to the frequent threats and erratic behaviour, Geeta began to think that her sister may have been responsible for her daughter’s death but was not certain.

On the day of the murder, Geeta and her sister went to the field to get fodder. Whilst at the field, the two sisters got into an argument.

It is not known what the quarrel was about.

The row became heated and it led to the sister admitting that she killed Geeta’s daughter.

She said that her niece had angered her over a matter and as a result, she strangled her to death.

On hearing this, Geeta lost her temper and in a fit of anger, she picked up a shovel and struck her sister over the head with it.

The Indian mother also hit her younger sister with a glass bottle that was nearby.

Afterwards, Geeta stabbed her to death with a knife.

Police were informed about the incident and arrived at the scene. A forensic team also turned up.

Officers spoke to locals who said that the sisters had been at the field and that was the last time they were seen together.

Police learned that the sisters had gotten into an argument which led to the revelation of the death of Geeta’s daughter.

On May 19, 2020, police arrested Geeta. During questioning, Geeta admitting killing her sister, telling officers that she did it to avenge her daughter’s death.

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