Indian Mothers-in-Law install CCTV to monitor Daughters-in-Law

There have been numerous complaints of Indian mothers-in-law installing CCTV so that they can monitor their daughters-in-law.

Indian Mothers-in-Law install CCTV to monitor Daughters-in-Law f

her mother-in-law also installed CCTV to keep an eye on her.

It has been revealed that Indian mothers-in-law have been installing CCTV so that they can monitor their daughters-in-law.

Over one hundred cases have come to light in Haryana after complaints were made online to the State Commission for Women.

It was not just the daughters-in-law who complained, many mothers-in-law stated their reasons for installing CCTV as well as making accusations.

Out of the cases, around 20 were settled by the Commission.

In many cases, the mothers-in-law alleged that the daughters-in-law made false complaints, therefore, CCTV was installed to monitor the situation.

Many women claimed that they were being beaten by their husbands.

One case occurred in Hisar where a woman alleged that her husband used to hit her. The mother-in-law installed CCTV cameras so she could see proof.

The mother-in-law said that she made false complaints due to which CCTV cameras were installed. She said that they were essential for safety.

After hearing the complaint, the Commission was able to settle the matter.

Another case was registered on May 4, 2020, where a woman from Panipat moved to Rohtak after getting married in 2018.

She claimed that her mother-in-law began getting into rows with her shortly after marriage. The woman said that her mother-in-law also installed CCTV to keep an eye on her.

The mother-in-law stated that her daughter-in-law was lying.

In a third case, a complainant said she got married in 2019, however, she was being pressured for dowry. After which, CCTV was installed to monitor her.

The Women’s Commission is currently trying to settle the matter.

A woman registered a complaint on May 1. She explained that she was pressured for dowry after getting married in 2017.

The mother-in-law also installed CCTV.

However, the mother-in-law said that she monitored the daughter-in-law due to her false allegations.

As well as the cases of CCTV monitoring by Indian mothers-in-law, approximately 20 husbands have accused their wives of harassing them. Some have even alleged that their wives would get into arguments with them after refusing to cook their favourite food.

On the other hand, their wives have said that the harassment allegations against them are untrue.

All of the cases are trying to be resolved by the Commission.

Due to the ongoing lockdown, all of the complaints are being made online. So far, the Commission has received 120 online complaints.

Pratibha Suman is the Chairperson of the Commission. She said that 20 cases have been resolved through video calls. Other cases will be settled soon.

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