Pakistani Stars call out Shows criticising TV Dramas for Views

The likes of Behroze Sabzwari and Zoya Nasir have called out shows that criticise TV dramas for the sake of views.

Pakistani Stars call out Shows criticising TV Dramas for Views f

"She is just jealous and mocks everyone.”

A number of Pakistani stars have hit out at shows that criticise TV dramas for views.

One of those is Behroze Sabzwari, who appeared on a talk show. He shared his views about the new trend of dramas being dissected every week.

Behroze highlighted the show Kya Drama Hai, which is hosted by Mukarram Kaleem and has a judging panel of Rubina Ashraf, Nadia Khan and Atiqa Odho.

The team get together weekly and speaks about dramas that have aired the previous week and gives their analysis on the latest episode.

The programme is similar to the popular YouTube show Amma TV Aur Main, which is hosted by the popular mother-son duo Lubna Faryad and Momin Ali Munshi.

Behroze stated that the judging panel on Kya Drama Hai are his friends but the way they criticise dramas is highly unfair and causes a bout of unnecessary negativity.

He also said that he believed his fellow actors did not have the authority to judge the quality of another actor’s work, and that they should sympathise with the effort in which a drama serial is made.

Behroze touched on a time when it was mentioned in the show that he was not a good actor.

He said: “Nadia Khan is also part of the show and was once a morning show host, she used to degrade her guests on the morning show.

“What if I say that this morning show host is not doing well?

“Without seeing your hard work and your dedication, it’s unfair.

“It takes a lot of time and hard work to produce a drama. I would urge the channel owners to start a dance show instead, I am sure you will get better ratings.”

Behroze’s sentiments were met with agreement after the episode was uploaded on YouTube.

One said: “He [Behroze] is right about Nadia Khan, she is always insulting others.”

Another questioned: “Who made Nadia Khan a judge anyway? She is just jealous and mocks everyone.”

One individual commented that they agreed with actor Saife Hasan, who was also a guest on the show, in which he said it was unnecessary to say whatever was in your heart all the time.

The comment read: “Saife Hasan spoke very sensibly. Go with the flow and judge in your mind what is correct and what is not of your type.”

In the past, Zoya Nasir also came forward to say she was not happy with the way Badzaat had been discussed on the YouTube show Amma TV Aur Main.

Badzaat centres on Wali (Imran Ashraf) and his mother, played by Saba Faisal. Wali is in contact with his mother after the failure of his parent’s marriage.

Wali quickly realises that she is a dancer who has chosen her career over him. The story develops when Wali’s sister Ainee (Zoya Nasir) wants to become a model, and he does not approve of the career choice.

An episode of Amma TV Aur Main saw Lubna Faryad refer to Saba Faisal’s character as a ‘Tawaif Maa’ [prostitute mother].

Lubna, affectionately known as ‘Amma’ by her fans and followers, had said:

“Educated mothers have educated children. Therefore, a daughter following her mother’s footsteps in the show is not strange.

“There used to be Heera Mandi. The Heera Mandi has all moved.”

“There used to be dances to tablas and now Indian songs are played. This is the movement.”

Zoya expressed her disappointment in Lubna’s comments and said:

“I love Amma and where she appreciates or calls our whatever when the industry does something wrong, but to disrespect the entertainers like that, and to use such condescending tones for a career.

“I’m sorry Amma but you’ve disappointed me so badly. You went straight to Heera Mandi? Do you mean we can’t be clean models or actors?

“Your review is one thing, but to disrespect a profession in such an ignorant way was such a low blow. I hope you’re careful in the future.”

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