Zindagi Tamasha’s Arif Hassan discusses his Rise to Fame

‘Zindagi Tamasha’ actor Arif Hassan discussed his rise to fame following the success of his breakout role.

Zindagi Tamasha's Arif Hassan discusses his Rise to Fame f

"Until now, I have only done three or four theatre projects"

Arif Hassan was recently in conversation with Sarmad Khoosat where he spoke about his role in Zindagi Tamasha.

Arif spoke about how he was commonly mistaken for other people who share the same name as him and said that he was recognised more for portraying Rahat Khwaja.

He recalled a time when he was mistaken for a town planner and a news channel contacted him on live television for an interview regarding the matter. The news channel realised their mistake when Arif appeared on screen.

Arif went on to talk about his acting career and admitted that he does not regard himself as an actor and that he had only worked on a few selected projects over the years.

He said: “Arif Hassan is not at all an actor. Until now, I have only done three or four theatre projects, and that too a long time ago, back in the 1990s.”

He recalled being introduced to Sarmad and said it was due to his friend, writer and journalist Mohammed Hanif, which resulted in Arif landing a role in the critically acclaimed film.

Zindagi Tamasha is based on the life of religious poet Rahat Khwaja, a highly respected individual within his society.

However, things take a nosedive when he is secretly filmed at a wedding ceremony dancing.

The clip quickly becomes viral and Rahat Khwaja finds himself alienated from his once-loving community.

Zindagi Tamasha also stars Samiya Mumtaz, Eman Suleman, Nadia Afgan and Adeel Afzal.

Despite his utmost efforts, director Sarmad Khoosat was unable to see his film released in cinemas because the script was deemed controversial.

Sarmad went on to upload the full movie on YouTube so that it could reach an audience, despite meaning that he would suffer a financial loss.

Sarmad said at the time: “There is a sense of loss, and it’s not just mine, it shouldn’t just be mine. There is a sense of failure but it’s not just my failure.

“It’s a failure of the system, of our independent voices not being strong enough.

“I spent my money and I followed the procedure, and even then Zindagi Tamasha suffered an unfair fate.”

“I spent a lot of money on this film. There’s a monetary loss as well, but it’s been four years, and there’s only so much I can do about it.”

The film was uploaded on August 4, 2023, and it was met with a remarkable response from viewers.

One fan said: “Watched Zindagi Tamasha, a film banned in Pakistan.

“The film truly depicts the religious-hypocritic standards of the typical Pakistani urban society. I’m wondering what the hell made the justification to ban the film?”

Another individual had said: “Halfway into watching Zindagi Tamasha, and the constant heartache I’m feeling is just beyond.

“I knew it, Sarmad Khoosat productions never disappoint in terms of content, quality and production.”

Zindagi Tamasha has been labelled a brilliant movie and Sarmad Khoosat was highly appreciated for his manner in which he brings sensitive issues to light, even though he is often criticised for doing so.

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