Cafe Chaiwala’s Arshad Khan reveals Rise to Fame

Arshad Khan, who went viral in 2016 for making tea at a stall in Pakistan, spoke about his unexpected rise to fame.

Cafe Chaiwala's Arshad Khan reveals Rise to Fame f

“I was not motivated by the money aspect"

Arshad Khan spoke about his rise to fame after a photo of him making tea at a stall in Pakistan went viral.

In a podcast episode titled From Tea Seller to Successful Businessman, Arshad explained that he was born in Islamabad and is one of 21 siblings.

He said he had never been to school and began working at a very young age.

Arshad was recognised in 2016 after he was photographed making tea at a stall.

The picture went viral and social media users were mesmerised by his bright blue eyes and as a result, Arshad found himself surrounded with a hoard of customers who began to visit his stall.

Arshad admitted he was not aware of the picture but photographer Javera Ali later approached him and told him that she had taken the photo and posted it to social media.

Since his newfound fame, Arshad began to receive modelling offers and as time went on, he was fortunate enough to be able to open a cafe in London and has now revealed he wishes to open more cafes.

He said: “One cafe would have been enough for me, but I launched a whole brand because I want multiple households to benefit from my cafes, not just me and my household.

“I was not motivated by the money aspect of business that I’ll launch a business and earn this money from it.

“My thought process was that if I open one cafe I will be creating a source of income and livelihood for 25-30 people.

“There is a huge lack of job opportunities in Pakistan, so I wanted to contribute in whatever way I could.”

Arshad revealed he was offered a film role by Nida Yasir, who had said her husband was producing a movie and they wished for Arshad to be a part of it.

However, the film did not go ahead.

July 2023 saw the launch of Arshad Khan’s Cafe Chaiwala in Ilford Lane.

It became a popular spot for many individuals, leading to the opening of cafes in Islamabad, Lahore, Multan and Swat.

The cafe is a tribute to Pakistan with its vibrant truck art and a Desi menu.

The menu consists of Pakistani delicacies such as Karak Chai, Gurr Chai, Chicken Tikka Paratha, Malai Boti Paratha and a variety of Papri and Samosa Chaats.

Arshad was asked when if planned to get married.

He replied that he had not thought about marriage as of yet and that it would happen when it was written in his destiny.

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